Xabi Alonso has not yet spoken with Real about his future

Xabi Alonso has not yet decided what he is going to do next season. If he will continue his progression on the benches, making the leap to another type of project, different from the one he has in the Real Sociedad subsidiary; or if he will continue his learning and growth directing the Second Txuri-urdin team. The Tolosa coach ends his contract with Real at the end of this campaign, after renewing it for another year last year, and has not yet made a decision about his future.

The meeting to discuss a possible renewal has not yet taken place, although informal conversations have been held in which the different scenarios have been put on the table. That is where Xabi Alonso has been told that at Real Sociedad they are very satisfied with his work in the subsidiary, being the last link for the young promises to make the definitive leap to the first team, and that they want to count on his services to continue managing Real Sociedad B for the fourth season in a roweither in the Second Division if it achieves permanence, which now has six points; or in the First RFEF, if it ends up finally descending.

It can be thought, and it is very normal, that if the second scenario occurs, Xabi Alonso will not want to continue at Real. Nothing could be further from the truth. For several factors. The man from Tolosa loves working at home, he feels very involved in Roberto Olabe’s project, because he has already experienced it as a player and now as a coach, and because recently, in an interview he offered for a UEFA sponsor, he already pointed out that he was in no hurry to reach the elite of the benches. In fact, last year he renewed without knowing if Sanse was going to play in the Second Division, long before the historic risethat is, he did not know in which category he was going to train. So it is not at all unreasonable to think that he ends up renewing and continues for another year at Real Sociedad.

Of course, no one is unaware that, because of the poster it has, he will have offers, as happened to him last year when he received a proposal to manage a powerful club in Germany. And this year he has come to dream of replacing Ancelotti in the summer at Real Madrid, something that he took with great philosophy, aware of everything that moves around the white club, where he has already triumphed as a player. But Xabi Alonso is in no hurry. He wants to grow little by little in the complicated world of the bencheswithout taking a wrong step. He knows that his representative is going to handle proposals from Second Division clubs, some have already contacted them to find out their intentions. But he is not convinced to leave Real. What’s more, his first intention is to continue at the club, although he wants to focus on closing his first season in professional football well, trying to achieve salvation, and then making and communicating his decision.

Xabi Alonso knows that Olabe wants to have him by his side, and he is happy with how he is valued at Real and how work is done at Zubieta. In addition, if he renews for one more season at Real, in a summer what will be free will be the bench of the Real first team, because Imanol Alguacil ends his contract in 2023, and there a possibility can be opened, while he takes advantage of another year to keep learning and growing. It is easy to think that Real’s maneuver will follow these paths, another year at Sanse and then to the first team, when the bench is free. Jokin Aperribay has never hidden his hope of one day seeing Xabi Alonso directing Real Sociedadalthough publicly later he does not want to admit it clearly, logically out of respect for Imanol Alguacil and everything he is giving to Real. What’s more, If the Oriotarra does not qualify Real for Europe, within the radical change that is expected for the summer, it is not ruled out to think that there will also be a change in the benchImanol does not continue despite having a contract and Xabi Alonso assumes the reins of the first team. It is a difficult possibility, because At the club, Imanol will always be allowed to freely make the decision he wants. He has earned it. And it seems that he has the strength and intention to continue, but if he does not feel the full confidence of the club, the Oriotarra has enough personality to step aside and leave the Real Madrid bench, no matter how much it hurts. He already showed his character when he saved the team after Eusebio’s dismissal, but later he made it clear that he wanted to return to the subsidiary, not wanting to take advantage of the great opportunity that was presented to him, because he understood that it was not his time to he.