Barça moves in the final sprint for Haaland


The final stretch for the ‘operation Erling Haland‘. The 21-year-old Norwegian striker must decide where he will go after coming to the conclusion that he has to leave Borussia Dortmund to take a step forward in his career. In this context, Barça continues to discreetly play its tricks. The Barça club has fearsome rivals in the negotiations such as Manchester City, who had almost convinced the Nordic striker, Real Madrid, who were also keeping an eye on him in their eagerness to close the great operation of bringing him together with Kylian Mbappeand Bayern Munich, which under the table is tempting him to be the successor of Robert Lewandowski.

The fact is that Barça has officially cooled down the matter both with messages in the form of information from the club and with direct statements from the president, Joan Laporta. It is what it touches, to use total discretion because at the Camp Nou they know that, economically, they are not the best placed club. However, Barça has a very powerful card: that Xavi Hernandez explained to Haland his project face to face on a trip to Munich and that, after the 0-4 against Real Madrid, the forward was amazed by the Barça game (as published by MD) and convinced that what he explained xavi she had a great base and was not a bluff to seduce him with false promises. And they know all this because people from the club know first-hand how the Norwegian’s reaction was.

April, the key month

The case is that Barça knows that Haland is delighted with the project xavithat doubts have entered him about whether to finish off his signing for City and that the coach wants a ‘top’ scorer, preferably the Norwegian. And in that scenario, the Barça entity has made him reach Mino Raiola who is still interested in his signing and they ask him to count on Barça in that final stretch in which Haland You must make your decision, something that is expected in this month of April.

Some sources even speak of a recent meeting between Barça’s ‘heavyweights’ and Raiola in Marbella, a winger not confirmed by the Barça club. In any case, what Barça has done is send the message to the representative that he is still interested in Haland. The big problem is that Raiola and the father of the scorer want a succulent commission that Barça is studying how to articulate because it is not easy.

In this case, it also helps that Raiola and Laporta they have a very good relationship, something that cannot be said about the agent and Pep GuardiolaCity coach, nor Florentino Perezin this case due to the frustrated signing of Paul Pogba for Real Madrid. In this way, Raiola you know yes laporta he promises to pamper his player, he will comply for sure and if he cannot pay him more than anyone else now, he will try to do it later, if Erling performs to his satisfaction, when the club’s economy allows it.

It is obvious that the transfer price of Haland that Dortmund would have to be paid is not so problematic (75 million) and that the salary could be adjusted in the short term if the player bets on the sports project. What remains to be linked is the exact amount of the commissions and how to make that payment. Articulating it in deferred could unravel the issue. In any case, Barça wants to be in the final race for Haland Now that its end has come.