Betis goes viral on account of Covid-19 and the end of indoor masks

The response of a Verdiblanco fan to the exaggerated policy of prevention against the pandemic unleashes hilarity and corporatism

Sars-COV-2 and football have been irremediably linked for two years. An marriage of convenience that nobody wants to keep, but with an expensive divorce. At the moment, the separation is a fact. A cessation of coexistence that football wants to happen temporary to permanentalthough Omicron and its horrendous variants threaten around the corner Holy Week. Without a doubt, people will have to learn to live with the coronavirus, to respect it while fighting it and anticipating it. Of course, taking steps towards the so-called new normal. The next, from Easter mondayIt will be the end of the mandatory use of masks indoors, with very specific exceptions, a logical measure that, however, many fear will go hand in hand with a rebound in infections.

The debate it is a fact. Also on social networks, where a comical thread has been unleashed with the Betis as a secondary protagonist, following a response from a tweeter to the information in the newspaper ‘El País’ that pointed to April 19 as the date for the removal of the masks. “I sleep with my partner using both a FFP2I haven’t seen my friends for 2 years, and when I’m on the street, I wear 3 masks at the same time, and I see people having a good time and acting like nothing happened; this is how it goes because of #irresponsible“, @pixitaa_ argued in a tone that, seeing the rest of his ‘trendline’, could be half joking, half serious. exaggeration that, however, exposed the concern of many citizens still for the COVID-19in addition to accumulating almost 800 responsesat the edge of the 3,500 retweets and mentionsin addition to 23,200 button presses ‘I like it‘.

AN amateur verdiblanco (@daviddanjuang) answered with a lot art to the previous user, in a wink that immediately became viral, with around 4,500 interactions on the ‘microblogging’ social network: “Hello Pixita, I understand you! I live in a bunker, alone, soundproofaway from all human contact. During the day I wear 3 masks FF58at night I take risks and wear the FFFP57.9. I drink my urine filtered. I don’t know about the outside world. I hope that my Betis continues well. Gives memories“.

A good handful of Betis took advantage of the occasion to inform their colored ‘brother’ of the good moment of the team, brand new fifth classified in The league and finalist of Copa del Reyadding a few more grams of humor to history, like the classic ‘metan a woolen‘ that the fans popularized mexicans in protest at the winger’s ostracism in Heliopolis.