Córdoba CF looks to promotion with the aroma of revenge

It goes with everything. Hit by injuries, pressured by the demands, stimulated by his records, already seeing promotion and the title of champion very close. Córdoba CF manages as best it can an amalgamation of sensations in the final stretch of the League championship in the Second RFEFa category that will leave yes or yes. But he wants to do it now. Get rid of a weight, take a deep breath and fabulate with a different and better future. He needs one last kidney hit and he can do it in just a few hours. If you defeat the Villanovense in The Archangel and on Sunday morning the Montijo beats the Cacereño, the rockets will fly through the sky of Córdoba. If those assumptions are not met, you will have to wait a while longer. It will happen, for sure, and the desire for success to finally materialize is palpable. This Saturday, of course, there will be a party. The same one that has been going on since the beginning of the competition, which the blanquiverdes have led from start to finish.

At home they have won 14 games in a row in the League. There is no better host on the map of national competitions. Although the adversary is not just anyone. Villanovense is involved in the fight for the playoffs of promotion, it is the team with the fewest goals in the championship and, furthermore, it has a unique vitola in the group: it is the only one that managed to beat Córdoba CF on the field. It was on an afternoon that he did not leave a good memory in the Cordobesista expedition or in German Crespoaccording to the Granadan’s statements in the press room of the stadium in his last appearance.

with much desire

“I want to win this game, I really want it,” he made it clear. In the Municipal de Villanueva the host won 1-0 and then broke a mark of consecutive days without losing (17) which is the best in Blanquiverde history. “Villanovense beat us and made things very difficult for us, in a game in which I think the behavior was not the best on the part of some components of their coaching staff,” Crespo released. The coach at the time, Juan Manuel Pavón, is no longer in charge of the Serón team, which has on the bench Josip Visnjic. The Balkan trains the safest formation in the group, with only 20 goals conceded in 28 games. Córdoba would be above it if it weren’t for the 3-0 federative sanction that it drags.

Germán Crespo will have to retouch the eleven. He can’t count on the center backs Jose Cruz -sanctioned by the double yellow card in Cáceres- and Joseph Alonsothat he is training and “he still has to be at least 60 or 70 percent,” according to the technician. He could be in the call, but without minutes. An enigma that Crespo will solve at the last moment. He will not be able to line up the left backs either. Storm Jimenez -he has one or two more weeks of absence left- and Carlos Puga. The one from Albuñol was injured this week and will not force because “it could be serious.” The blanquiverde rearguard will be composed, except for surprise, by José Ruiz on the right side, bernard cross Y Richard Mira in the center and Dragisa Gudelj on the left. “We will come out with what we have,” said the coach, who will not summon either Tony Arranzwith a penalty match for accumulation of reprimands.

Córdoba faces the challenge of being the same as always: its offensive flow, generating constant chances, has made it win. And this time it will be more special. “I have told the players that the first thing we have to do is win. If the promotion comes on Sunday… We know that we are very close, that we have it therebut if we do things well we will have it, if not this Sunday, then the next one, ”Crespo said.

Likely lineups

Cordova: Carlos Marín, José Ruiz, Bernardo Cruz, Ricardo Visus, Gudelj, Javi Flores, Álex Bernal, De las Cuevas, Adrián Fuentes, Simo and Willy Ledesma.

Villanovense: De la Calzada, Moisés, Cortijo, Escudero, Tapia, Pajuelo, Clausí, Fran Viñuela, Isra Cano, Roger and Sillero.

Referee: García Rubio (Castilian-Manchego Committee).

field and time: El Arcángel (Saturday, 7:00 p.m., Footters and PTV Córdoba).