Djouahra aim and shoot

With the skill of the gunslingers who are forged in a western, Nais Djouahra (Bourgoin-Jallieu, France, 1999) points and shoots in thousandths of a second. In all senses: he points out ways and shoots down the band as one of the young values ‚Äč‚Äčthat stands out the most in Real. One hundred percent physically after recovering from a muscle tear, the winger is a resource for Imanol Sheriff and as such will repeat in today’s call to face Elche tomorrow.

DjouahraAt 22 years old, he traces an evolution as discreet, without making noise, as promising. With each setback that has arisen within the first team, the young Frenchman’s alternative has proven to be the most effective. First of all, when barrenetxea He was seriously injured at the end of 2021. The sports management refused to replace the San Sebastian with a signing and opted for Want. Three weeks ago, the severe setback due to the convalescence of Oyarzabal led to study the Russian and Ukrainian market, and the solution has been identical. In Zubieta it is Djouahra.

a quarry club

Sanse players with the most minutes in the first team


Djouahra 326


Turrents 323


Lobet 288


navarro 259


Olasagasti 170


Ander Martin 83


Valera 48


alone 39


Christ Romero 27


Karrikaburu 1

Confidence in this winger with dual nationality -French and Algerian- invites us to think that it is a polished jewel for the long term. But the contract Want It only lasts for the end of this season plus the next, until June 2023. The footballer wants to continue at Real, according to sources consulted by Mundo Deportivo. At the moment, he hopes that the club will offer him a renewal. As with other elements of Real and Sanse, in the player’s environment they venture a long summer; It is still an unknown if, due to the plans of the sports leadership, it happens that Djouahra jump to the first team.

An uncertain demarcation

The final half hour that he played on Monday against Espanyol catapulted Nais Djouahra to be the Sanse player with the most minutes in the first team of the season. His contributions, as a shock almost always since he has only been a starter in two of his ten games with the first team, are understood as worthy of a revelation from Zubieta. The eye-catching profile that he exhibits, a mixture of speed and class in the dribbling, helps to categorize him as a coveted pearl. The Turrientes, Lobet, Navarrese and company will lead the Sanse in search of a miraculous salvation while WantWhat ander martinHe follows the orders of Imanol in the final straight through Europe.

The forecast is that the skilful winger will continue, therefore, oscillating for the first team, backed by the 326 minutes of quality that he adds between the League (195), the Cup (130, 1 goal) and the Europa League (the extension in the second leg against Leipzig). La Real has lost on the way to barrenetxea Y Oyarzabal and needs reinforcements on the sides of the attack.

Djouahra gets fully into the ointment of a demarcation with an uncertain future. A barrenetxea not expected until next season, Oyarzabal will be out until the end of the year, Januzaj ends the contract, does not show signs of accepting the renewal that was proposed and the credit of Port trading down after its poorest season. The intentions of the Real will be defined when Olabe know if the first team qualifies for Europe and if Sanse is saved or ends up going down. If the goal is that Djouahra renewed, time is money to prevent the club from being at a disadvantage in the last year of the footballer’s contract, as is happening with Januzaj.