From being a worker and wearing an electronic anklet to being a Premier League champion: Vardy’s story

He was rejected by the team he was a fan of, he started in the seventh division and a fight in a nightclub forced him to be monitored by the police. None of that prevented him from reaching the top of English football.

The Premier League of the 2015-16 season It was the one with the big bump. The city ​​of leicestera team that was promoted in 2014 and the following year saved from relegation in the last dates, he broke with any prognosis and he became champion of the English league and ended the hegemony of Big Six titles since 1996. But the Foxes’ title wasn’t the only surprise: Jamie Vardy emerged as a great figure and became one of the great scorers in the world, something unexpected for someone who used to be a factory worker who had to wear a police electronic bracelet.

Vardy was born on January 11, 1987 in Sheffield, England, and, like many young people, he dreamed of being a soccer player. At 16, he Sheffield, a team he was a fan of, rejected him for being too small for his position. That’s how he ended up playing in Stocksbridge Park Steels, from the seventh division. The professionalism that he showed to train was the counterpart of his life at night, until a fight brought him problems.

A violent event in a nightclub brought down with the English striker testifying in court, found guilty and had to wear an electronic bracelet for six months so that the police constantly knew his whereaboutssituation that endangered his career as a footballer, who at the time was an amateur and had to combine it with his job as a worker in a plastic splint factory.

Jamie Vardy Fleetwood Town

Jamie Vardy, from worker with electronic bracelet to champion and scorer of the Premier League

while playing in the Stocksbridge Park Steels of the seventh division and worked as a worker in a plastic splint factory, Jamie Vardy was forced to wear an electronic bracelet by the police that forced him to be at his house at 6:30 p.m.which put his career as a footballer in danger, since this situation forced him to leave before games to be on time or even miss them. sheffield unitedthe other club in town, had their eyes on him, but They desisted from incorporating it for this reason.

He continued his scoring streak in halifax cityfrom a higher division, then went through the Fleetwood Town, where it reached the fifth division, the lowest at the national level (the lowest are regional). Her performance caught the attention, now yes, of city ​​of leicesterclub that decided to bet a million pounds for him, a forward of 1.78 meters, 25 years old and with a criminal record. But time proved them right. In the 2012-13 season they were on the verge of promotion, when they fell in the semi-finals against Watford.but in the middle of 2014, already with Vardy as the scorer, they were champions of the Championship and achieved the long-awaited return to the Premier League.

jamie vardy leicester

Jamie Vardy, Premier League champion and goalscorer with Leicester

In his first season at Prime Minister Leaguean James vardy it was hard for him to find his level in city ​​of leicesterthat ended 14th with 41 points, sies above the relegation places. But the following year came the big story. The Foxes started adding and adding, quickly established themselves as leaders of the league and never let go of it again. They were champions with 81 points, ten more than Arsenal, his immediate pursuer, and with Vardy as a scorer with 24 goals, two less than harry kanefrom tottenhamtop gunner. The great moment of his continued, was summoned to the England National Team for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and in 2020 came his jackpot: with 23 cries he won the award for top scorer in the Premier League for the first time in his career. Dream fulfilled.

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