In search of the lost reaction

not the title of one movie of those of dessert that they show on TV on Sunday afternoons and with which you fall asleep on the sofa and end up taking a good nap. It is the film of adventures and misadventures that we are going to live this afternoon at the Reale Arena and that they are going to star in the opportunities and the Tenerife (follow the match live on ‘In search of the lost reaction’. The one that both have been searching for days and that they haven’t finished finding. each team for meet your goals, which, by the way, are antagonistic. The people from Tenerifethe return to First. The subsidiary of the Royal Society, avoid the return to the First RFEF.

And it is that Sanse, for example, has been looking for that reaction that will bring him completely closer to the fight for salvation for several days. The achievement meddle again in the fight when he seemed absolutely hopeless, but then he has left escape incomprehensibly two juicy bullets that could have catapulted him to glory. The parties of Mirandés and Alcorcón there were two candies too sweet as not taste them, but they chokedand permanence follows six points, a prudential distance of two parties that must start reducing when before to reach the final stretch of the season alive.

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*Data updated as of April 8, 2022

The third time has to go the charm, although in this case it is a rival who fights to climb to First and that in the first round He gave him a very bad time. But it is that he returns to play in the royal Sand, and you can’t miss another such clear opportunity. Gone is the nonsense he suffered against the Alcorcon, that led him to lose Zubiaurre Y Alex Aloneboth expelled. Ayesa and probably Gabilondo, from Real C, will take their places. But above all he grabs the alkain-inspiredthat emerged in figure on the last day, with the permission of the Karrikaburu, Turrientes and company.

And for his part, Tenerife has to Mameluke finally his losing streak of three straight defeats and a victory in six days. He has marked this visit to the royalist subsidiary in red, in the hope that it will serve as a turning point and allow him dream of approaching to the head teams to fight for direct promotion, a situation he was in until not so long ago. Now look suspiciously in the rearview mirror at what is coming from behind, because if you are careless you can even see endanger his privileged position of playoff, that if you can’t win the jackpot, the stone is always good. Anoeta has the key from that reaction that both have been searching for days and that they cannot find. But he can’t wait any longer.

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*Data updated as of April 8, 2022

From fighting for direct promotion a month ago, Ramis’s they have dropped to fifth place and the seventh is getting dangerously close. The coach can make changes to his team to redirect defensive solidity that -despite its bump-, keeps it as the team that least fits thanks in large part to the saving hands of John Soriano. Moore I might take back your place on the right, while Munoz He is back after five games, but it does not seem that he will start. In attack hopes are pinned on samshahoua, who seems recovered of some physical discomforts that have been bad for him in recent times. Tenerife clings to his magic to get back in shape. Elady, Mario González and Álex Bermejo could be his partners.

The keys to the game

Last chance: Sanse will have few more opportunities to rejoin the fight for salvation. Winning is mandatory.

Maximum tension: Tenerife can’t forgive more because they press from behind and Sanse urgently needs to win. High pressure game.

Goal: Not fitting in is one of Tenerife’s pending issues, despite Soriano’s good work. He has six games in a row conceding goals.

Moral: The bad streak of results is also being noticed in the state of mind of the chicharreros players. A victory can change everything.

The areas: Sanse is penalized for his gross mistakes in his area. Tenerife needs to be more forceful when it steps on the opposite area.

aces to follow

Alkain. The hondarribitarra scored two great goals last day with which he adds seven in his first season in Second. He ends his contract and stands out every time he plays.

Shashoua. The Englishman is back after his injury. Last week he returned to eleven and scored the goal. It is the hope to get out of the pothole.

Ups and downs

Zubiaurre and Alex Sola are out due to suspension. Djouahra and Ander Martin are with the first team.

Ramis recovers Enric Gallego and Álex Muñoz. Nahuel Leiva stayed on the island due to a technical decision.

Statistical corner

Tenerife visits Real B again after 35 years. The last league victory in the Basque lands was in 2014 (1-2 against Eibar).

Coaches statements

Xabi Alonso. The players are not nervous. “They are doing very well because the team’s energy is very good. The hours of pain that follow are necessary, but complaining too much is totally useless and unnecessary. We haven’t done it all season and we have been able to focus on everything that comes and more in Tenerife, which is a great team”.

Tenerife. “They are in a phase where they have gone from fighting for direct promotion places to other areas a little further away. But there is still a long way to go and they want to get closer again in this game. So we have to play a complete and round game to win , and then defend the areas well”.

Message to the fans. “We need them, because every home game we feel is a very ineffective push for the club, for the project and for the players. Last week we were left with the feeling that we lacked 50 minutes of being able to compete for everything that happened “.

incomplete improvement. “We’re improving, but we can improve more too. And we’ve been at it all season because we knew it was going to be a very difficult season.”

Luis Miguel Ramis. “It is true that his team has very marked characteristics, but it is also true that one is taking the place in the competition and it costs a little more for young players. This is what Real Sociedad has done, but it is not easy Today it is a much more solid team and adapted to the category”.