Independent Medellin: Julio Comesaña annoyance statements tie with Guaireña in Sudamericana | South American Cup


Sports Independent Medellin was able to make a difference in his group South American Cup, but he had to settle for a draw against the modest Guaireña from Paraguay. At the end of the game, at a press conference, Julio Comesaña regretted the mistakes made by the team and hopes that things will improve for the games to come, despite not having much time to work.

“It’s not what we wanted, but we knew we were going to face a difficult team. There is a lot of talk, often disparagingly about the teams, those who talk about these things do not understand much about the game. This team is difficult and what they do, they do very well, they counterattack very quickly, they close the internal passing lanes very well, in the middle it is difficult to penetrate them, they are generous in the back and forth. It is a true team and we suffer from mistakes that should not be repeated. Guaireña’s three goals, one goal against and the other two goals given away, one in the first half unnecessarily giving away a ball and the other with a header, these things should not be done in international football, because those mistakes, any team charges them. We must leave happy for adding a point, because we were very difficult”, indicated the coach.

In addition, “football has unexpected things, but It is an old custom of Colombian soccer not to reject it, to take it out, I don’t know if they are ashamed. You can’t make those mistakes in an international match, much less in a professional team, you can’t do things to see if they work out. Guaireña presses very well, they defend very well, they let the defenders play with the ball. We like to play with the ball as if we were Manchester City, they squeezed us and we make mistakes. You had to be serious, safe and sober in the game. Offensively we can generate options and create goals, it’s something that leaves me very upset”.

Regarding the functioning of the team, Comesaña remarked that “We can’t ignore those mistakes, we have to find solutions, I can’t tell the player to stop making those mistakes. This is professional soccer, Medellín is not a foundation, nor is it a soccer school, it is professional soccer. There are mistakes that are made that are minor footballwe have to be more attentive, I showed them the equipment. People talk a lot, they didn’t even see Guaireña play and they knew it was a complicated game, when these advantages come, they kill you”.

Thinking about what is to come, Julio explained that “there is not much time for work, on Friday we will go on two separate flights, at night, we will take a charter flight to Barrancabermeja, to play an important game on Sunday and we will not be able to train. , only recovery and theory. These errors are elementary things, they are not corrections on the field, you cannot blush for not bursting the ball, make a closure and take it out of the stadium. It doesn’t matter, we can’t do things that we shouldn’t and that score goals, our fans don’t like those things. The team emotionally came back, fought, but we complicated a match that we could have come close to winning”.

Finally, he regretted that two games that he will have as a local, he will have to play at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium in Pereira, due to two concerts that make it impossible to hold the games at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. “Those things get out of hand, It is incredible that playing a South American Cup we have to leave our stadium, because there is another show. The issue is with our fans, it’s not with the field, Pereira has a very good field, it’s a beautiful city, our fans will accompany us, but these games are for 35,000 people. Our fans are fierce, they shout, they push the whole game and it’s good to play with them, but you can’t”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8