Inter Rewind | Ronaldo and Vieri, the scorers against Verona


Although Ronaldo and Christian Vieri were part of the same Inter squad for three seasons, they only played for the same team 11 times.

The duo were a dream strike force that had fans in awe on the few occasions they were able to witness their magic together. The Brazilian and Italian combined with excellent first-touch passes, with marvelous side-by-side play, and at times seemed to operate on their own astral plane.

Unfortunately, due to Ronaldo’s recurring and serious knee injury, the Nerazzurri were only able to see these two masters in the same team on a few occasions.

While it is true that they only spent 667 minutes on the pitch together, there is no doubt that they made the most of it: during that time, Ronaldo and Vieri each scored nine goals. With the two of them on the same team, Inter scored an average of one goal every 37 minutes.

However, there were only two games in which both saw the goal. The first of them was on December 9, 2001, when Inter beat Brescia 3-1 away from home. It was during Ronaldo’s long-awaited return: almost two years earlier he had suffered the first of his knee injuries against Lecce. In this match, the Brazilian scored a goal and Vieri a double, on a day that is also remembered for the death of Peppino Prisco.

The second of those occasions occurred in a match played during the week, on December 19, 2001, a postponed match against Hellas Verona. While in the Brescia match it was Luca Castellazzi who was wowed in goal by the brilliance displayed by the Nerazzurri avant-garde, this time Fabrizio Ferron was the victim between the sticks of Ronnie and Bobo’s talent.

In this game, which Inter won 3-0, Vieri was the first of the dream duo to score, at the behest of Andrés Guglielminpietro. Later on, Ronaldo scored a headed goal thanks to a cross from Sergio Conceicao. San Siro roared, and the Portuguese winger was elated with his contribution. Ronaldo rounded out the scoring with a typical losn effort, displaying his exquisite dribbling skills before scoring the goal.

Although they were on the pitch in 11 different matches, they only completed 90 minutes together twice, against Chievo and Brescia. In those 11 matches, they each scored nine goals, but the only times they both scored were against Brescia and Verona.

08/29/1999 | Inter 3-0 Hellas Verona 3-0 (Vieri 16, Vieri 53, Vieri 65) | Vieri started, Ronaldo entered the break.
03/10/1999 | Inter 2-1 Piacenza (58 Panucci 58, Ronaldo 69, Dionigi 83) | Vieri started, Ronaldo came on in the 52nd minute and scored.
10/17/1999 | Venice 1-0 Inter (Maniero 46) | Ronaldo started but was withdrawn in the 62nd minute, Vieri came on in the 57th minute.
10/23/1999 | Inter 1-2 Milan (Ronaldo 19, Shevchenko 73, Weah 87) | Vieri and Ronaldo started, Ronaldo was sent off after 31 minutes.
09/12/2001 | Brescia 1-3 Inter (Ronaldo 18, Tare 20, Vieri 64, Vieri 70) | Vieri and Ronaldo started, Ronaldo was substituted in the 67th minute.
12/15/2001 | Inter 1-2 Chievo (Corradi 19, Vieri 25, Marazzina 53) | Vieri and Ronaldo started and played the 90 minutes.
12/19/2001 | Inter 3-0 Hellas Verona 3-0 (Vieri 18, Ronaldo 52, Ronaldo 55) | Vieri and Ronaldo started, Ronaldo was substituted in the 75th minute.
12/23/2001 | Piacenza 2-3 Inter (Vieri 44, Gautieri 54, Kallon 69, Gautieri 74, Vieri 83) | Vieri and Ronaldo served, Ronaldo was eliminated after 67 minutes.
04/14/2002 | Inter 2-1 Brescia (Guardiola 28, Ronaldo 79, Ronaldo 82) | Vieri and Ronaldo started and played the 90 minutes.
04/28/2002 | Inter 3-1 Piacenza (Córdoba 7, Matuzalem 35, Recoba 70, Ronaldo 80) Vieri and Ronaldo started, Ronaldo was substituted after 81 minutes.
05/05/2002 | Lazio 4-2 Inter (Vieri 12, Poborsky 19, Di Biagio 24, Poborsky 45, Simeone 55, Inzaghi 73) | Vieri and Ronaldo started, Ronaldo was substituted in the 78th minute.

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