Juan Guillermo Cuadrado suffers in Juventus the lags of the Colombian National Team

Being at the top level of world football is very complex. There are players who do not manage to complete the entire calendar that the season offers them and, if they do, they end up with injuries during the season that could seriously harm them in the future of their sports careers.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado is an element that seems to be an immovable piece in the team he plays. With the Colombian National Team in the process that ended with the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022, the winger played most of the matches, always giving maximum effort in his performance and he has done the same at Juventus in Turin, where he has the full confidence of his team. coach, Massimiliano Allegri.

However, the Colombian’s strategist in Italy in recent days has shown that the coffee player must be handled with great care, to avoid overexertion that could harm him in his process with Juve, which faces the end of the season in search of keeping a place in European positions for the following campaign, since for some dates he declined any possibility of playing for the Serie A title.

When referring to Allegri about his coaches and the opportunity for everyone to have minutes, he said: “The coach gets paid to get results, playing one or the other doesn’t change anything. I am here to get results. I manage everyone equally.”

In a timely manner, he also emphasized the present of the Colombian National Team player and ruled that there is no possibility that he will face all the games in the remaining stretch of the current season: “The same thing has happened with Cuadrado: if he plays all the matches between now and May 16 have to be taken away by ambulance. My job is to manage the players well”.

messes with justice

At the end of last year, the Turin prosecutor’s office opened an investigation against Juve for alleged inconsistency in the invoices of non-existent transactions and agreements without financial basis for the purchase and sale of players. Even the club’s offices were raided in search of documentation that could contribute in the case against president Andrea Agnelli and his advisers. That is why the Italian justice has decided to call several players from the squad to testify, including Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Paulo Dybala and captain Giorgio Chiellini.

The Sports Newsletter reported on Monday that The Colombian arrived at 10:00 in the morning “to be heard by prosecutors Gianoglio, Bendoni and Santoriello about the so-called salary maneuver.”

It should be noted that no footballer is being investigated by the prosecution, but they are an important part of the investigation. “They are asked to explain the agreement for the salary cut in 2020, in the covid era, and the return of a part in later years, which for prosecutors would constitute false accounting. Other hearings are not ruled out in the next few hours, ”indicates the Italian media through its web portal.

Cuadrado spent almost noon in the investigation, before giving way to Chiellini, who renewed his link with Juventus last year for one more season.

The prosecution is seeking evidence to determine that the Turin club made a “master move” to evade taxes and payment of contributions in the midst of the economic crisis that the pandemic generated for European clubs.

The Newspaper ends by assuring that “the interviews carried out to date have not revealed inconsistencies with respect to what has already been assumed by the judiciary on the basis of the seized documentation”, that is to say that, for now, the statements have not given indications of a False accounting in the arrangement that was made in 2020 with several players, including those who are no longer there, such as Cristiano Ronaldo himself.