Las Palmas and Amorebieta put their wingers into play

Although each one to his ball, the palms Y amorebieta come to tonight’s duel with enough air in the chest, perhaps a little swollen, head held high, in any case with high optimism (follow the match live on If he insular formation wins this game I’d sleep like a playoff team four months later although, to confirm such a condition at the end of the daywould be at the expense of what they did Oviedo and Ponferradina. While, the amorebietamuch improved after the arrival of Mujika, again think that salvation is possible, still so complicated after beat Ibiza.

The locals face this match in one of their best moments of the season, accumulating three wins of one Shooting that return him to the place where, due to objectives set but later reinvented for convenience by one of its leaders, he should never have left. With the team every time more adapted to the non-negotiable 4-3-3 by García Pimienta, cooking a block that is recited almost from memory, minimal changes in each game. For the current, Moleiro could unseat Clemente of an ownership for which also bid very strong Robert Gonzalez, who scored the decisive winning goal last week in Ponferrada.

With valleys already become a fixture in the goal, Coconut seems to have won the game against Navas on the rear axle, capital his figure in improving the aerial game of Las Palmas. Along with Mfulu will appear the brilliance of Kirian and, except surprise, the explosiveness of Moleiro.

And one more time, the whole game will gravitate around the figure of Jonathan Viera, star king of the category, impressive footballer, lord and master of his team. Getting closer to his optimal state, with the ball at his feet anything can happen, none good for his rival. Sadiku becomes strong at the tip while still waiting the best Jesse. Rober lurks around.

For its part, the amorebieta visit the Gran Canaria Stadium with the intention to give the ‘sorpasso’ and add two victories in a row for the first time this season. The Blues they have fully rejoined to the fight for the Salvation and they are aware that they have enough days ahead to get out of the well. The data away from Lezama are not any flattering. Just one win, and it dates back to December 5 at La Rosaleda, more than four months ago. It does invite optimism last precedent at home Mujika’s men were brushing with the tips of their fingers a victory that eluded them after 96 minutes, after a rookie mistake that they cannot afford again. The Biscayan painting it is clear that it will be a long game in which youyour options will appear. To do this, they must form a strong defense that does not succumb to the good play of García Pimienta’s men.

Shield/Flag SD Amorebieta

Haritz Mujika has the entire squad blue at your disposal. Óscar Gil, after sanction, and Peru Nolaskoain, after flu, return to the call. However, the great game of the Zornotzarra defense against Ibiza makes it difficult for them to enter the eleven. The one on loan from Athletic starts with more options to replace Lozano in the axis of the line of three. In the middle, an imperial saint joseph it is playing everything at a great level since Mujika arrived. His companions will once again be Iker Bilbao and Olaetxea. Up, there is no doubt that Obieta and Guruzeta will once again form an attacking duo in Las Palmas after both saw the door last weekend.



Pressure. Las Palmas must play with the pressure of knowing that, momentarily, they could be a playoff team. He hasn’t gotten it since December.

Confidence shot. The Blues arrive immensely reinforced after the victory over Ibiza for the result, but above all for the game displayed during the 90 minutes.

Aware. García Pimienta already warned yesterday: “My players are aware of how hard the match will be. If we go out confident that we are going to win, we will surely lose”.

Win out. Amore is looking to surprise the Canarians and add their second win away from home, after losing two points in La Romareda on the last play of the game.


Jonathan Vera. The most important footballer in Second. The closer you are to his best level, the better Las Palmas is doing. He always asks for the ball. Sacrificed and supportive as the most. He never hides.

Guruzeta. Top scorer for Amorebieta. He adds 10 goals in just four months. They need the best version of him to dream of salvation.


the palms. Loiodice, Pejiño and Hernâni are immersed in the process of recovering from their respective injuries. The rest of the team seems available.

Amorebieta. Óscar Gil return after completing a cycle of reprimands and Peru Nolaskoain after overcoming the flu. Mikel Álvaro and Aimar were left out due to discomfort, while Marino and Ozkoidi due to a technical decision.