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Luis Díaz is just a few hours away from playing one of Liverpool’s most momentous games this season. This Sunday at 10:30 a.m. the ‘red’ team visits Manchester City, for date 32 of the Premier League, with a single objective: to take away the leadership of the tournament. The ‘citizens’ club leads the English league with 73 points. Liverpool has 72.

While Jürgen Klopp, the director of the Liverpool band, finalizes details for the commitment, The former Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt launched into an analysis of the great moment that the team is experiencing in which he shone between 2006 and 2012. Of that splendor, says the old glory of the club, Luis Díaz is largely responsible.

‘I’m jealous of Luis Diaz’s lungs’

Dirk Kuyt, 36, said goodbye to football by winning the Dutch league title with Feyenoord.

This Saturday, on the official Liverpool website, Dirk Kuyt published an opinion column in which he was direct from the beginning: “I could run a bit, but I’m jealous of Luis Diaz’s lungs. His stamina is amazing.”It was the beginning of the text.

Pressing seems to run in his veins, so it’s no surprise to see why he adapted so quickly to Jürgen Klopp’s system. And I must remember that he came to Liverpool in the middle of the season, does not speak the native language and fell into a system that has understandably taken other players a bit of time to get used to,” Kuyt added.

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Later, the former striker chose to compare Díaz’s adaptation with the one he had in the middle of the first decade of the new millennium:

“I remember when I came to the Premier League from Feyenoord in 2006. I lost six kilos because it was very intense and every three days you played a very intense game. You just needed to work very hard to adapt. It took me six months to a year to adapt for completely to a new country, a new competition and adapt to everything else. What I have seen in the first months of Diaz is that it seems so easy for him… What he is doing at the moment is quite special“.

louis diaz

Luis Dïaz celebrates goal with Liverpool.

“In addition to his fitness levels, his ability is incredible. Now he is scoring important goals, giving great assists. When you see him dribble with the ball, it seems like he still has full view of the pitch, to see other players and make easy passes,” Kuyt added.

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Then, leaving a message of hope for all the followers of “Lucho”, he expressed: “The exciting thing: I think he can get better and better”.

His arrival has obviously boosted Klopp’s chances of advancement, and then some. But that’s what you need when you want to compete for so many trophies. Now the ‘illuminist’ has the opportunity to look at the opponent, observe his weaknesses and choose the best players for that specific game, “he concluded in his text.

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The cherry of the cake’

At the close of writing, Kuyt was asked which current Liverpool player he would compare himself to. And, again, Diaz was a source of pride.“Maybe we can compare the stamina to Diaz, but I think he’s faster and his ball skills are unbelievable. If you were to compare me to him, I’d be very happy with that!”