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Since the peasant Luis Díaz arrived at Liverpool, he has aroused all kinds of praise from the fans, the press and his team.

However, there is one detail has made communication difficult with Jürgen Klopp, the coach of the ‘red’ teamand it is that the player arrived in England without knowing English, while Klopp does not know how to speak Spanish.

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“With Luis, for obvious reasons, there is a language problem. I don’t speak Spanish, he doesn’t speak English. He is learning, I am not, so we will have to wait until his English improves. Until then, we have a lot of people here who speak constantly with him. But obviously he’s quite natural. That’s why he plays the way he plays.”said the coach a few weeks ago.

That is why Geraldine Ponce, wife of Luis DiazHe spoke in an interview with ‘Gol Caracol’ about this issue, and about other aspects of the footballer’s day-to-day.

In the first place, Ponce stressed that British people “are very kind, super attentive and are always looking out for us, they serve us very well.”

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English is very difficult, before the language got tangled up a lot, but now it flows more. I hope that soon we will speak English very well

He said that, if he had to choose what he liked the most about Liverpool, it would be the stadium: “I love how matches are experienced. I keep that, and my house. I love the stadium.”

As for the peasant’s English classes, his wife stated that They have a language teacher at home, but Diaz has little free time. “When he has the opportunity, he calls the teacher and tells her when he can. He doesn’t speak fluently, he knows some words; they tell him some phrases and he understands a word and that’s where he takes it”Indian.

“I also take the classes, but we were in Colombia right now and we lost a couple. English is very difficult, before the language was very tangled, but now it flows more. I hope that soon we will speak English very well,” added Ponce.

When asked what her life is like in England, she replied that “it’s very normal” and that when Diaz trains early he usually has breakfast at the club, and also has lunch there or at home.

“He eats the normal thing, what everyone else eats, rice, protein, salad, grains. After lunch, he stays with the baby playing with her, then he watches games, watches YouTube. Then he sleeps for a while, we go out to dinner, none of the another world,” he assured for ‘Gol Caracol’.

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On the other hand, Ponce also responded about what he missed about Porto, and said that “it is a very nice city, the food was very good there. The people are very friendly, my daughter is Portuguese, so we will soon be visiting there.” .

Besides talked about Roma, the couple’s daughterand said that they are “madly in love” with her, who was born in November 2021. “Luis Fernando, as a father, is not because he is my daughter’s father, but he loves his daughter and she loves him; when he sees him it’s like “My father arrived.” It was a decision that we planned. I have no words, we are happy, we are adapting to everything. We are grateful to God, “he said.

Finally, Ponce assured that, although they miss his family and Colombian food, he knows that in the country “everyone is super proud” of Díaz because “they know the struggle he had to do to get where he is.”

“Luis deserves all the good in this world for being so disciplined and warrior. He had it so hard and look… this is for us to realize that everything, with sacrifice, can be achieved”pointed out.

It should be noted that Luis Díaz is a few hours away from playing one of Liverpool’s most momentous games this season. This Sunday, at 10:30 am, the ‘red’ team visits Manchester City, for date 32 of the Premier League, with a single objective: to take away the leadership of the tournament.

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