Luis Díaz’s wife reveals how the peasant is doing with English classes

Luis Díaz was once again the talk of the town this week with the third goal in Liverpool’s victory over Benfica in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The Colombian fulfilled the expectations of Jürgen Klopp, who has no choice but to praise him every time he goes to a press conference.

“He is a player top. is a player top, top world class. For me it is a joy to work with him every day”, said the German coach after Lucho came out as a figure of the match in Lisbon.

The only thing that Klopp has reproached him for is the language issue, since neither he knows Spanish, nor has Díaz advanced enough with English. “I am happy to be here in such a great team, without a doubt that with English I have to start having classes, hopefully I can learn it quickly, it is what I want, the important thing is that I am doing things well and that I am adapting the team quickly”, admitted the Colombian after receiving the award for the best player of the match against Benfica.

Díaz is so dedicated to his professional career that his wife, Geraldine Ponce, revealed that they already receive classes in Liverpool to break the language barrier and feel much closer to the environment that will surely accompany them for many years. “We have an English teacher here at home, but the truth is that Luis has little time, between games, there is a lot of play here”said in Snail gol.

In any case, the peasant takes time out of the requirement that Klopp has asked for. “When he has the opportunity he calls the teacher and tells her when he can. He doesn’t speak fluently, he knows a few words; They tell him a few sentences and he understands a word and that’s where he takes him “Ponce adds.

“I also take the classes, but we were in Colombia right now and we lost a couple. English is very difficult, before the language got tangled up a lot, but now it flows more. I hope that soon we will speak English very well, ”she acknowledged with a laugh.

Despite that, English has not been a difficulty to show his best repertoire of dribbles and that fills their family with pride. “Everyone is super proud of him because they know the fight he had to go through to get where he is. Luis deserves all the good things in this world for being so disciplined and warrior”, he declared.

Liverpool: a challenge

This season, Díaz has already scored three goals with Liverpool, two in the Premier and one in the Champions League, numbers that have him as an ‘ace up his sleeve’ for Klopp to fight for the three titles in which they still have life.

The Colombian’s wife considers that all the “sacrifice” has had an effect on the results obtained in this new challenge. “It has gone very well for us, we are happy. The British are very friendly, super attentive and are always looking out for us, they take great care of us”, she declared.

Although Liverpool is his present, it is not easy to forget what he experienced in Barranquilla and Porto. “You always miss your homeland,” says Gabriela. “Whenever I have the opportunity to go, I go, but it’s getting more and more complicated, because it seems like you’re ‘going to war’ with so many things. But I miss the family, I have more opportunity to see them more than Luis, clearly, but we miss everyone “I agree.

Díaz is considered one of the players with the most projection in Europe and despite that, he has not lost the humility that has characterized him since he emerged in Junior. “When he trains early, he has breakfast at the club, he can also have lunch there or sometimes he does it at home. After lunch, he stays with the baby, playing with her, then he watches games, he watches YouTube. Then sleep for a while, we go out for dinner, nothing to write home about,” he concluded.

For Diaz and the reds There is little time to rest, because this Sunday they will face Manchester City in a direct duel for the league title. The initial whistle will be at 10:30 in the morning (Colombian time) at the Etihad Stadium, home of the citizens and the field of a battle ‘to the death’ for the leadership of the Premier.