Millionaires defeats Equidad and classifies home runs


Great night for Millionaires at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium. The Blues beat Equidad 2-1 for matchday fifteen of the BetPlay League with a good game, they partially regained the leadership of and became the first team qualified for the semifinal home runs.

Mackalister opens the scoring with a great goal

The match started a bit tangled, neither of the two teams had clarity in the last quarter of the field and inaccuracy became a constant. The visitors tried to get closer to the goal guarded by Álvaro Montero through crosses from the side and the ball still, but without success. The first clear option of the game went to the Blues with a mid-range shot from Stiven Vega. that the rival goalkeeper saved by sending the ball to the corner kick.

Millionaires tried to do damage through the speed of their strikers and wingers and they sought to take advantage of the spaces left by La Equidad, which always advanced its block every time it launched an attack. However, the lack of precision affected both teams.

At minute 39, the blues opened the scoring with a great goal that started on a free kick from three quarters of the field. After several triangulations between Daniel Ruiz, David Mackalister Silva and Larry Vásquez, the brand midfielder assisted the blue captain with a wall, who entered the area and defined with quality to beat goalkeeper Washington Ortega.

Three minutes later, the Ambassadors had a chance to convert the second. Mackalister recovered a ball in the last quarter of the field, entered the area and sent a low cross that Daniel Ruiz connected. The ’10’ finished off first with his right leg, but his shot went high when the rival goalkeeper was already defeated.

Millionaires ensures victory and classification

Starting the second half, Millonarios scored again and again with a great goal. Álvaro Montero served fast for David Mackalister Silva. who commanded the counterattack. The captain opened the court with Daniel Ruiz, who assisted him with a filtered pass. On ’14 ′ he entered the area and before the goalkeeper came out he defined with Vaseline bathing the goalkeeper. The ball hit Andrés Correa, who ended up converting it into his own goal.

Those led by Alberto Gamero, who modified the scheme with the changes, maintained the idea of ​​the game, while La Equidad tried to react, but it was not enough to break the solid block proposed by the blue defense. With the passing of the minutes, it became a two-way game, but without clear scoring options.

With 10 minutes remaining in the match, La Equidad got the discount. Andrés Correa took a shot from the edge of the area that he saved Álvaro Montero giving the rebound, which was used by Pablo Sabbag that he only had to push the ball to get the goal.


With this result, Millionaires partially recovered the first box in the standings with 32 points and secured home runs. For its part, Equity is eleventh with 19 units and is 2 points out of eight. On the next day they will face Deportivo Pereira and Jaguares de Córdoba, respectively.


John Mahecha (45′, Amaury Torralvo), Kevin Salazar (45′, Ederson Moreno), paul sabbag (45′, Jhonathan Caicedo), John Garcia (60′, Ricardo Rosales), Eduardo Sosa (60′, Ricardo Celis), Diego Herazo (60′, Jader Valencia), faber gil (65′, Pablo Lima), Yoiver Gonzalez (74′, Daniel Polanco), Carlos Gomez (83′, David Silva), Jose Cuenu (91′, Daniel Ruiz)


1-0, 38′: David Silva2-0, 48′: Andres Correa2-1, 79′: wise bag


Referee: Carlos Arturo Ortega Jaimes
VAR Referee: Ricardo Andrés García Becerra, Luis Fernando Trujillo
John Castro (36′, Yellow)