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Millionaires won again, he did led by a great Mackalister Silva, 2-1 in El Campín against La Equidadon date 15, and returned to the top of the championship, partially, with 32 points, practically assuring the classification to the semifinal home runs.

Millionaires knew that they were going to face a wall, a green wall, a team like La Equidad that knows how to defend itself. So the challenge would not be easy. However, Millos resorted to what he knows how to do best, to have the ball and touch, and to develop his game without despairing. He first tried in the middle distance, to see if he could surprise goalkeeper Washington Ortega. He didn’t make it. But he kept devising where to enter.

Goal of Millionaires manual

And the answer, the solution, was a memorable goal. A spectacular gig. A textbook goal. Still ball, laboratory, short touch, Mackalister with Daniel Ruiz, wall goes and wall comes, Silva received and proposed another gig with Larry Vásquez, who did not clash with the cracks and he returned the ball perfectly, so that Mackalister entered the area and beat the goalkeeper, for 1-0 in 38 minutes.

What a pity for the visitor, for his coach Alexis García, because his strategy was damaged. And why did they do such a great goal? The second ambassador goal could have come very quickly. Because he had it made and the waste was huge. It was in a false start of La Equidad, the goalkeeper with his side Bréiner Agrón, who got confused, lost the ball before the blue pressure, Mackalister Silva stepped on the rival field again, he was able to shoot, he was able to accommodate the ball, the goalkeeper held on , so he chose to make the touch behind, because Ruiz came alone, with a better outlook, and it is known that Ruiz does not usually fail, but when he received the ball he sent it over the goal. Not to believe The player and coach Alberto Gamero lamented, knowing that these goals cannot be wasted.

So they went to rest, with Millonarios winning. Upon return, the team did not lower the intensity. He took advantage of the fact that La Equidad had to risk, because he was down and had no other choice.

Another goal from Millionaires

And in one of those, goalkeeper Álvaro Montero himself commanded a lethal counterattack. Quick and short serve for Silva, who started a marathon, from side to side, fast, the defense unprotected, he played with Ruiz, his best partner, he paused, waited for it to pass and then he did return the wall, to that Mackalister arrived, once again, in the area, and with the little strength he had left, he finished off, softly, the ball hit Andrés Correa, and the ball rose and went over the goalkeeper, for 2-0 when they were 3 minutes of the end part.

The advantage was already reassuring. The desperation was already for the visitor, who did not want to lose. He had an approach with a shot from Kevin Salazar, low, strong, and Montero excelled, diving safely to catch the ball.

Milos was able to extend, Mackalistar launched a new attack, leaving Herazo in scoring position, but the striker was not precise, he missed.

Equidad pressed, approached again, saved Montero, but in the next one, he violated the blue bow. Andrés Correa’s shot, Montero rebounded, and Pablo Sabbag shot for 2-1, 10 minutes from the end.

There was tension at the end of the match, but Millos did not allow himself to win.


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