Offer from PSG to Mbappé to renew: almost €180M


PSG continues to trust in renewing Kylian Mbappé. Just two months after Bondy’s talent contract ends, the Parisian team could send him, according to the BBC one last desperate offer to convince him, once and for all, to renew his contract. This would include a signing bonus of almost 180 million euros, much more than was presumably talked about, in what would be one of the largest payments in history to renew a player.

Always according to the prestigious British medium, The most likely scenario is still to see Kylian Mbappé in the Real Madrid shirt, although the player, as he declared a week ago after the game against Lorient, has not signed anything because “new elements” are still to be clarified.. The elements that Mbappé talks about would be the main obstacle for which he has not yet signed for the white team and for which PSG is trying to convince him with an astronomical offer never seen in the history of the club.

PSG, meanwhile, continue to pressure the player to accept Qatar’s latest offer.. The Emir is obsessed with renewing Mbappé and will try by all possible financial means to renew him. However, the player’s future remains uncertain, as the negotiations with the Parisians are not advancing, nor is the club finding the formula to approach the agreement.

Image rights, key in the operation

As AS has learned, Kylian Mbappé’s last public appearances were no accident. The striker assured last week that the new parameters or elements were going to be decisive for his final decision. These elements are, without a doubt, the image rights. His lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, specialized in this branch of law, is asking for 100% of the image rights to refuse, among other things, to attend events that promote, for example, junk food. Brands like Coca Cola or KFC are considered by Mbappé as a setback to serve as an example to children and that is why he wants to control all the acts in which he intervenes, be it from the French Federation or PSG. Sports betting also enters the equation.

“On the official shirts of the national team or the teams, who has the right to the image? The FFF, the supplier of the team (Nike) and the player. If we put the player’s name on the shirt, he should receive some financial compensation Next, each of them must decide if they want to keep the money or donate it to amateur football. This is where Kylian wants to intervene in what he generates, “Verheyden assured in an interview with The team just two days after his client refused to participate in a sponsorship event with the French team.

Those words were not in vain. Everything was prepared. Mbappé appeared days later in the mixed zone to declare that he had not signed anything with anyone and that there were new parameters that were going to influence the final decision. Image rights are what PSG clings to. As AS has learned, the latest offer from the Parisian team would give him full control of his image rights, that is, Mbappé could always decide in which PSG events he wants to participate. It would be an anomaly in football if he ends up signing the contract, since the normal thing is that, at most, the player who signs for a club holds 50% of his image rights and the other party the remaining 50%.