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Much expectation surrounded Carlos Paniagua and his team in the debut in search of qualifying for the final phase of the tournament, and later, entering the World Cup of the category that will be played in Costa Rica in August 2022. The debut of the Colombians was against Argentina who had already played their first game against Chile and they equalized goalless. Colombia had little depth, although they handled the ball, but failed to create scoring options during the 90 minutes.

The first half was for Colombia who wanted to play in an eye-catching way joining Gisela Robledo, Gabriela Rodríguez, and the powerful shots of Ilana Izquierdo, who controlled goalkeeper Lara Esponda. In the complement, he changed the tone of the match by giving the ball to Argentina, which created danger and was able to take the three points.

In FUTBOLRED we analyze the equality between Colombians and Argentines:

Colombia with the ball, but it was not deep: Although Colombia took possession of the ball, the first half did not have any clear options. Beyond a shot by Ilana Izquierdo that Lara Esponda boxed easily. Ingrid Guerra, a reference in the coffee pot attack, was lost, and she only had one chance to score, but her shot saved Esponda again comfortably.

Linda Caicedo’s mischief surprised: The youthful jewel was summoned, but had discomfort and was ruled out due to a severe muscle injury of six weeks away from the courts. Caicedo would have given the national team more mobility and that individual game that was needed to break a defense and open the scoring.

Impose your football: Without a doubt, Colombian youth soccer has been based on quick connections, as if they were playing by heart. In this way they managed to be runners-up in the Sub17 with several players from that base in this Sub20.

With the touch of the ball, they tried to break the albiceleste defense and with the high pressure they managed to steal important balls when Argentina intended to go on the attack. They countered Chiara Singarella and Dalila Ippolito in the first half, who have already had experience in the seniors. Although they won those vital balls, they didn’t create scoring plays.

Best posture of Robledo in the center: Carlos Paniagua gave Gisela Robledo liberties in long stretches of the game. The Tenerife player from Spain came off the wing, a characteristic position for Robledo, and she pulled the strings in midfield. She was the one who tried to break the zeros the most when she left the left, because in that sector she tried to send centers that were not capitalized.

Mobility was missing in the plugin: in the second half, they lent the ball to Argentina, and the calls to dominate the ball and calm it down, did not appear. Gabriela Rodríguez, Liced Serna and María Camila Reyes completely disappeared in the second part. Beyond the overflows of Gisela Robledo and a shot by Ilana Izquierdo, there was nothing else that worried Lara Esponda.

Natalia Giraldo and the walls behind: Ana María Guzmán down the right wing, and Kelly Caicedo were the most attentive defensively, which in the second half became difficult walls for Singarella, Ippolito and Gramaglia to overcome. In addition to Giraldo who gradually returned from injury, and saved the albicelestes approaches to keep the zeros.