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Were the Paris SG players nervous after the knockout round at Alabas Real Madrid?

After the 3-1 Champions League defeat in the round of 16 against Real Madrid, after Paris SG led 2-0 on aggregate up to the 60th minute in the second leg at the Bernabeau Stadium in Madrid, before Benzema’s hat-trick of ÖFB team captain David Alaba’s team brought a spectacular turn with a happy ending, PSG keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and Brazilian Neymar are said to have had a tangible argument. The latter have now responded to the rumours.

The football world was still fine for Neymar & Co. on Wednesday evening against Alabas Real: when they celebrated Mbappe’s opening goal and the resulting overall score of 2-0, the Parisians thought they were in the Champions League quarter-finals too early – but then it came French Benzema for the “white ballet”.

As SKY reports, there were some emotional outbursts on the part of PSG after the Champions League knockout round against Real Madrid. Reports of a dispute between Italian European champions & keeper Donnarumma and Neymar, who were struggling to be separated, graced some front pages on Thursday.

This is what the Brazilian daily newspaper wrote, for example globe sports: “Neymar and Donnarumma are arguing and need to be separated in the PSG dressing room”. The reason for the argument was Donnarumma’s “blackout” before the 1-1 draw.

Before the equalizer, 33-year-old Frenchman Karim Benzema had run into the 23-year-old PSG keeper, who then played the ball uncontrollably to Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. This then passed on to Benzema, who scored the equaliser. However, Donneruma didn’t let the accusation sit down and replied to the Brazilian that the 1:2 was due to him losing the ball.

According to the Spanish newspaper To mark the dispute between the two grew in intensity until they finally became violent and had to be separated from their teammates.

Neymar: ‘It’s a lie’

Neymar responded to Instagram to the report and was surprised by the reporting. “I hate talking about the news here. But that’s a lie,” explained the 30-year-old Brazilian, adding, “I don’t think it’s all about that. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Neymar posted a screenshot of the report on his alleged dispute with Donnarumma and clarified: “There was no fight in the dressing room. Incompetent journalists want to show off, try next time.”

At the same time, the noble technician from Sugar Loaf published a short chat history between Donnarumma and him. It becomes clear that the two seem to be at peace with each other. Donnarumma sent Neymar the relevant report and apologized for his mistake: “Hey Ney, I’m sorry about yesterday – but this message is unacceptable!”

Neymar’s response: “Don’t worry! That can happen in football. We are a team! You are still very young and you will still win a lot. Get up and keep going.” There is no trace of a physical argument between the two in the course of the chat.

Club boss wanted to confront the referee team

But according to media reports, it wasn’t just the players who were nervous about the premature departure from the millionaire club Paris SG. Club boss Nassar Al-Khelaifi also looked for someone to blame for the end, stormed into the catacombs after the game and wanted to confront the referee team. PSG coach Pochettino already accused the referees at the press conference after the end of the game that Benezema’s attack on the PSG keeper before the 1-1 was a foul and unfair.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/neymarjr and IMAGO/ZUMA Wire