Alba scores and defends the lead (4-0)

Albacete Balompié prevailed this afternoon, with a landslide, over Atlético Sanluqueño, at Belmonte. Those of Rubén de la Barrera thus remain leaders of Group 2 of the First RFEF. And the appointment could not have started better for Rubén de la Barrera. They won 4-0, with two goals from Fuster, one from Fran Álvarez and another from Kike Márquez, harvested in two overwhelming starts in each of the two halves of the match.

Two minutes later, Manu Fuster opened the scoring. Great team play. Fuster passed it to Fran Álvarez and the man from Socovos made a big step back to put it back on Manu Fuster. Alba’s 10 took advantage of the placement of the ball and beat the visiting goal.

And he wanted more, before minute 5, in a play against, Fuster made it 2-0. Again the play was with Fran Álvarez. The one from Socovos made half a goal with his pass, including a rival defender.

Three minutes after the restart, Fran Álvarez scored and five minutes later Kike Márquez would do so, to complete the leader’s thrashing.

Alberto Jiménez has already been able to return to Rubén de la Barrera’s eleven for this Sunday at Belmonte. And in Sanluqueño, Dani Güiza is the starter.

After scoring two goals in less than five minutes, Sanluqueño went higher and slept the game, on a very spring afternoon, with high temperatures at Belmonte, where the sun was shining. Up to 6,056 fans gathered this time at the Albacete stadium.

The match continued without clear chances for either team and the advantage on the scoreboard for Alba. In the 31st minute, bad news because Boyomo asked for the change. Emmanuel entered his place.

The minutes passed and Sanluqueño did not approach Bernabé’s goal in danger. Rubén de la Barrera’s men did reach the rival area, although without success in the final meters. Javi Jiménez, at the center of Rubén Martínez, tried it with a header, in the 39th, but his shot went out of him, too high.

With the 2-0 the game went to rest, on a sunny afternoon at the Carlos Belmonte, where the health services and Civil Protection had to intervene to help a fan after fainting.

From changing rooms, Sanluqueño returned with two changes. He gave entry to Oriol and Navarro for Hassane and Javi Barrio.

And three minutes were enough for Albacete, after the restart, to score the third, which this time was signed by Fran Álvarez, after a pass from Kike Márquez. Good play by the band of the ‘bullfighter’ of Alba and he left the pass to Socovos to make the third of the afternoon.

Alba was also good at the start of the second half and, in minute 52, Kike Márquez made the fourth. Center by Fran Álvarez, control with the right by Kike Márquez, at the edge of the area, and he crossed it to sign a great goal. A native of Sanlúcar, Kike Márquez did not celebrate the goal.

In 54, another change in the Sanluqueño. Miguelete entered by Dani Güiza, who retired applauded by Carlos Belmonte.

Rubén de la Barrera made a double change in minute 59. Sergi García and Eric Montes were replaced by Alberto Jiménez and Manu Fuster. Ten minutes later, the Alba coach would make another double change. Jeisson and Rafa Gálvez entered for Djetei and Kike Márquez.

Fran Álvarez was also able to score his second, and what would have been the fifth for Alba, in the 73rd, with a shot from the edge of the area, which hit the post.

In 1979, another change in Sanluqueño. Chicho entered for Adrián. And in 82, the rival exhausted his changes. David Vidal entered by Toni García.

The scoreboard would no longer move and Belmonte celebrated the comfortable victory, which kept Alba in the lead for one more day.