CF Fuenlabrada: Fuenla’s defense, relegation ramp and playoff

Huesca took the three points from Fernando Torres in a match in which they did not deserve the victory but rather the draw against a Fuenlabrada team that does not know how to win no matter how much pride and football they display. One week less to achieve permanence in the locals, one more opportunity to continue fighting for promotion in the visitors.

What reasons do you have to believe the fans of Fuenlabrada in salvation? Few if in minute 3, risking the permanence and life in your house, you see how the rival goes ahead due to another defensive failure of your defenses. Diéguez put inside a shot from Insua that Belman easily stopped. In this frightening way, the people from Huesca took the lead when they did not even serve five minutes.

Fuenlabrada had no choice but to go up and seek equality and honor. Huesca, meanwhile, calm to see that with little they did not suffer but they did make their rivals suffer. Ontiveros, with First Division quality, was close to scoring the equalizer with a magician’s play: heel cut and poisoned shot. This was the prelude to the equalizing goal in the 30th minute. In a corner kick thrown dangerously by Ontiveros, Adrián González masterfully finished off a mid-height ball that passed through the area. Two resounding errors from both defenses and the rudest would still remain.

Only three minutes had passed since Fuenlabrada got the tie when the team from Huesca went ahead on the scoreboard again. Pulido was trying to clear with his chest, yes with his chest, a Marc Mateu throw-in. In this way, he assisted Ignasi Miquel who, before the impassive gaze of Iribas, the aforementioned Pulido and Adrián González, yes three azulones, put the ball inside the mesh. That way it is impossible to save yourself, that way you descend downhill and without brakes.

Huesca was worth little or nothing to go victorious to the locker room, but the defensive image of Fuenlabrada has long ceased to be professional football.

Such was the performance of the azulones in the first part that Sandoval, today sanctioned but giving the instructions through technology, introduced three changes after passing the locker room. Amigo, Zozulia and the newcomer Diamé replaced Bravo, Pulido and Adrián. With these changes and Bouldini’s talk, it’s a shame he’s only going to be enjoyed for six months at Torres, the Azulones came out emboldened and came close to equalizing twice. Huesca, without control with the ball or defensively. His bench, desperate and looking for solutions.

Pol Valentín, with one of his interns, touched the match by centimeters. Later, Iribas came close to making it 2-2 with a cross from the side that hit Ignasi Miquel. The improvement of Fuenlabrada was as visible as useless until Kanté entered, who would say. Amigo, a pearl from Fuenlabrada, served a measured center to Bouldini’s head who did not get to head but distracted enough for Kanté to put her in the squad. 2-2 and a half cardiac hours ahead.

Shield/Flag Huesca

And it is that Huesca did not take the tone at any time in these first minutes of the second half. Fuenlabrada, meanwhile, made us forget the painful image of the first half with pride and, most importantly, football. In the umpteenth lateral center, the azulones touched the comeback in a mistake by Bouldini that he did not head with tact.

This ruling doomed the team when it least deserved it. A bad transition from a knocked-out Fuenlabrada left Joaquín in the lead with a subtle cut and a powerful shot to put the visitors ahead again in the 69th minute. The Torres, speechless watching how his team swims and dies on the shore, how he tries and doesn’t hit him.

The third goal in just three shots from Huesca buried the azulón impetus. First, Mikel Rico and then Poveda came close to extending the lead, but Belman denied them with two big plays. It happens that those of Xisco, watching the game from the stands due to his sanction like his counterpart, found an unobstructed highway to reach the blue area with a completely overturned Fuenlabrada. They searched for the match with more heart than football, so all their final approaches went unrewarded.

Another defeat for Fuenlabrada, another step further from salvation and closer to a relegation from which to escape would be something almost historic. Huesca, meanwhile, continues with its agonizing race to dispute the playoffs by winning the first of the finals.


Joaquin Munoz (45′, Gerard Valentin), Diamond (45′, Ruben Pulido ), Mikel Rico (61′, Pablo Martinez), Dario Poveda (66′, Dani Escriche), junior lake (67′, Mateu), Polished (75′, Andrei Ratiu), good (76′, Paolo Gozzi)


0-1, 2′: Adrian Dieguez1-1, 25′: Adrian1-2, 29′: Miguel2-2, 62′: Aboubakary Kante2-3, 68′: Joaquin Munoz


Referee: Alejandro Quintero Gonzalez
VAR Referee: Victor Areces Franco
Miguel (13′, Yellow) Zozulya (53′, Yellow) Cristobal (82′, Yellow) Diamond (85′, Yellow) Aboubakary Kante (87′, Yellow