Chronicle Córdoba CF – Villanovense

He grabbed the shield in front of the Tribune with a gesture that was that of all Cordobanism. Miguel De las Cuevas put his signature to an afternoon to keep in memory. The man from Alicante, in his hundredth match with the Blanquiverde, scored a symbolic goal: he served Córdoba CF to virtually conquer promotion -it is at the expense of a local victory in the Montijo-Cacereño match, this Sunday- and himself to comply with a clause in his contract that activates his renewal for the next course in the First RFEF. the shock of The Archangelwho lived the passion of his best days -how much he wanted to finally enjoy himself, after so many accumulated calamities-, responded to what was predicted. The Cordoba team was clearly better than a good Villanovense, who did what almost everyone else did. He tried to keep his pulse and ended up knocked down before the torrent of talent and tenacity of Crespo’s men, who were able to widen the gap on the scoreboard much more.

When a team arrives weighed down by casualties, it is often said that their lineup is “by circumstance” with a certain victimizing tone, as if wanting to put together an a priori justification for future misfortunes. In Córdoba nobody complains, among other reasons because it would be a sacrilege to do it with a template like yours and with a balance – leader from the first day and surely until the end – that homologates the competence of all its members. Of course, the absences are noted. since it fell Storm Jimenezannihilated by the accumulation of minutes and the synthetic turf pitches, the left flank became a complex stage. That’s where they went Gudelj and Puga with little luck. That of the young man from Granada was worse, because he was injured and left the plans for an indefinite time. He had to join the left wing again the Serbian, with a spare on the bench with a diminutive name and capital desire: the manolillo youth squad. Back they shared the center Bernardo and Visusthe only ones available due to the situation of Joseph Alonso -on the bench, despite being far from his best physical level after the injury- and the sanction of Jose Cruzbasic partner for much of the course. The reforms at the back contrasted with the stability of the rest of the lines, with only two striking tweaks: Luismi and Willy at eleven.

Players from both teams fight in an action inside the area. Manuel Murillo

Córdoba opened by touching the ball, marking dominance from possession. The Villanovense He accepted the challenge proposing pressure, speed and a fierce instinct to take advantage of any slip of the locals. It happened after three minutes in a poor start from behind that ended with the ball at the feet of Viñuela, who from far away surprised with a shot that was on its way to the top corner and forced Carlos Marin to make a poster stop. Shortly after, ex-blanquiverde Sillero attempted it with a low shot that Marín stopped. The reply was put by José Ruiz with a boarding school that ended with a closed center that did not find a finisher. The lawsuit sparked. a header from great In a complicated position, De la Calzada deflected it to a corner and De las Cuevas tried to put the serve directly, who in his 100th game as a blanquiverde was supported by the fans in each of his interventions. Plays of great plasticity were born from his boots.

The man from Alicante was the protagonist of a choral action after a quarter of an hour that was a formidable opportunity. They accompanied him at the first touch Simo and Javi Floresthat got her frank for Willy Ledesma. The one from Torremejía, alone against the rival goalkeeper, hit him hard and went up. The blunder was answered by the public with applause, a symptom of the harmony that was experienced in the stadium in a match of capital importance. The Villanovense, very compact, found in Viñuela’s electricity his best argument to disturb.

Córdoba gradually took control and began his usual siege at home games. De las Cuevas, in an exceptional action, left his defender lying and bounced so that the ball reached tail. His header crashed into the crossbar.. In the following action, the ball fell back to the striker after a service from Simo. He flew De la Calzada to take the shot out of him.

The explosion came in the 34th minute, after a center to the heart of the Javi Flores area that Willy tried to finish off and touched the defender Adri Escudero to sneak into the Villanova frame. The 1-0 lead to a scuffle in the area, after the Blanquiverdes’ fiery celebration, which was seasoned with mocking chants from the stands. The Villanovense went upstairs, furious, and Tapia demanded Marin with a placed volley shot. There were nerves and nerve on the pitch, with actions at the limit and beyond. The break came with both teams brooding over their misfortunes: Córdoba could have scored a few more and Villanovense did it in their own goal. The plans, in any case, were coming out for Crespo’s.

De las Cuevas puts his signature

The two left with the same after passing through the locker room, after the harangues of Crespo and Visnjic. The first was invented by De las Cuevas with a mid-height center that went to the head of Willy, who met Moi in the jump and there was a collision of heads and lost ball. The 2-0 was not long in coming, after a long combination of passes in the Villanovense field, with a final center by Gudelj that the goalkeeper rejected and that Miguel De las Cuevas clinched accurately. The winger celebrated it with justified excess: he paved the way for promotion to Córdoba and certified the numbers required by his renewal clause to continue another year at the club. Gudelj was able to make the third on a long shot that De la Calzada cleared.

De las Cuevas celebrates 2-0 at El Arcángel. Manuel Murillo

Germán Crespo pressed a little more. He put in the field Adrian Fuentes and Antonio Casastwo scorers, against a Villanovense who had changed the drawing to place four behind. The Rambleño went like crazy towards the goal on the first ball that came to him and hit a low shot that stopped the goal. Next to him was only De las Cuevas, but the young battering ram only saw the frame. The Villanovense, by then, was feeling strange. He was noticing what he had never experienced before. The safest team in defense of the category broke before the power of a group from Cordoba who found the emotional fuel in the soundtrack of the stands to continue hitting. Simo touched the goal in a phase in which those of Crespo were very loose, with full confidence, as champions.

Visjnic made a triple change with ten minutes to go in search of a reactivation of a Villanovense that was clearly being subdued by a Córdoba whose greatest danger lay in letting themselves be carried away by the temptation to like themselves excessively and make mistakes. The blanquiverdes did not seem willing to put a blot on his big day. Adrián Fuentes was about to beat De la Calzada in a rehearsed action. With The Archangel wrapped in songs, Germán he made his youth squad debut, side Manolillowho came out replacing Bernardo Cruz.

Sillero caused the scare with a couple of minutes to go after capturing a badly transferred ball. His shot, in the one-on-one with Marin, was poor. The former Cordovan player threw his hands to his head in a crazy meeting ending, in which everyone wanted his share of prominence. Omar Perdomo, in discount time, was ready after a ride full of quality and strength by Simo Bouzaidi. It was the last chance of what could have been Córdoba CF’s last game as a Second RFEF team.

Data sheet

2 – Cordoba CF: Carlos Marín, José Ruiz, Bernardo Cruz, Ricardo Visus, Dragisa Gudelj, Álex Bernal, Javi Flores, De las Cuevas, Luismi, Simo and Willy Ledesma.

Substitutions: Antonio Casas for Willy Ledesma (55′), Adrián Fuentes for Luismi (65′), Omar Perdomo for De las Cuevas (78′), Viedma for Álex Bernal (86′), Manolillo for Bernardo Cruz (86′).

0 – Villanovense: De la Calzada, Moi, Roger, Adri Escudero, Tapia, Pajuelo, Clausí, Fran Viñuela, Javi Sánchez, Samu Hurtado and Sillero.

Substitutions: Isra Cano for Javi Sánchez (64′), Rivera for Roger (73′), Óscar for Pajuelo (80′), Cortijo for Samu Hurtado (80′), Hinojosa for Viñuela (80′).

Goals: 1-0 (34′) Adri Escudero, own goal. 2-0 (57′) From the Caves.

Referee: García Rubio (Castilian-La Mancha Committee).

Cards: Yellow to Álex Bernal (41′) and Bernardo Cruz (63′) for Córdoba.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-ninth day of the League in group 4 of the Second RFEF played at the El Arcángel Municipal Stadium before 14,131 spectators.