Elías Ayub dreams of the rise of Real Oviedo: in the same boat

It is important to ascend to Firstsucceed, fame but The most important thing is to feel full and happy“, said Arturo Elías Ayub, at the presentation of the Real Oviedo Foundation before two thousand members gathered in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of the Asturian City. The Mexican businessman, Oviedo’s largest shareholder, took advantage of his role as master of ceremonies and to refer to the current situation of the team that faces the principality’s classic against Sporting on April 14. “They won’t let us go, but I hope that the eleven that are on the court show that we don’t need more” He commented with resignation after the refusal of the locals to send them tickets to the derby.

Elías Ayub attended to those present who questioned him about his return to the city, to which the Mexican thanked the reception and highlighted that “as an institution we have grown enormously and we have the same desire and determination to move forward”. The Carbayón team is in sixth position in the table, a situation that does not prevent the fans from dreaming. “The ascent is not easy. You have to get to the playoffs because direct promotion is mathematically almost impossible. Coming to promotion, you have to beat two teams” Ayub explained to an Oviedista who did not want to take away his hope, so he added “the possibility exists and the illusion must not be lost, but always with your feet on the ground. We have to be excited.” he insisted.

Arthurdespite being far from Asturias showed to be a great fan of Oviedo and highlighted the unity of the team “And not only in the locker room: fans, coaching staff, board of directors. I think that’s the secret of success and that makes me excited more than the number of points or positions in the table. I am excited to see that unity that we had not had for a long time ” and I take this opportunity to encourage people to “go this Sunday (to the Tartiere) because I want to say hello. It’s a home stretch We are all in the same boat and we have to row evenly so that the ship arrives where we want. I ask you to go ”she concluded.

It ends with a gala meeting of shareholders of the Real Oviedo team, by Elías Ayub

The president of the Foundation telmex, Arturo Elías Ayub participated last Friday in the gala of the Foundation Oviedoin the Palacio de Congresos of that Spanish city before more than 2,000 fans of the Real Oviedo soccer team, as well as the mayor of the town, Alfredo Canteli, and the plenary session of the board of directors of the sports club, of which the Mexican is the oldest shareholder.

According to information from the club, the gala concluded a week of corporate meetings of the club’s board of directors, of which Elías Ayub and the Slim family own 34 percent of the shares since 2012when they invested more than 20 million euros in the second division team.

The team that at that time it had a tax debt of more than 12 million eurostoday it has sponsors such as Adidas, Integra energy, Coca Cola, Caixa Bank, the Mahou beer brand and the industrial technology company, GAM, among others.

For a little over an hour, at the gala the objectives of the foundation were raised as well as its plans in the area of ​​historical heritage, the Real Oviedo School, some international projects and an agreement was announced with the Academica Corporation, by which a space for growth will be built for young people in the Asturias region, at an educational level. and soccer.

To close the session, Elías Ayub was invited to speak, who indicated a motivational message with the reference “In Mexico I am known for being a good negotiator”to then invite the thousands of young beneficiaries of the foundation to be agents of social change. “The important thing is not that they follow you on networks for what you publish but for what you do”

The violinist José Asunción also participated in the gala, accompanied by the Lía Dance School, Sid Lowe, a journalist from ESPN and The Guardian; as well as digital content creator Daniel Fernández and Laura González-Manjoya.