Las Palmas de García Pimienta appears in the ‘playoff’

UD Las Palmas defeated Amorebieta 1-0 with a great goal from Kirian at the start of the second half and provisionally reached the promotion play-off positions, while their rival saw their chances of permanence in LaLiga SmartBank.

Both teams surprised with their line-ups: Las Palmas with the substitution of Jesé, who did not participate, and Amorebieta with the change of system, opting for a 1-5-4-1 to arm themselves inside and disrupt the usual game of The yellow ones.

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The script of the match was as planned, with more possession of the local team, which had to attack eleven players from behind the ball, against Amorebieta with an opposite style, who sought to transit and join the attack when the game allowed it, with a more direct football.

Thus, in the 11th minute the visitors had their only clear chance after a kick from the goalkeeper, two touches and the ball for Larrazabal, whose shot inside the area went wide.

For their part, García Pimienta’s men, much more imprecise than usual in the preparation of the game, found their great opportunity before the break with a cross from Álvaro Lemos that Sadiku also headed too crossly, in the 40th minute.

The good defensive work of the Basques collapsed as soon as the second half began with a great volley by Kirian from the edge of the area, after controlling a ball cleared by Olaetxea.

Far from giving it ground, that goal gave way to the worst local moments. Thus, Álvaro Valles saved a one-on-one against Guruzeta, after a pass from Álvaro Peña, after a loss by Saúl Coco in the 63rd minute.

Amorebieta went on to dominate and found, after a corner kick in the 69th minute, a goal that was annulled after a shot by Álvaro Peña, but the referee interpreted that Nolaskoain was bothering the local goalkeeper as the ball traveled towards the net, a decision which was corroborated by the VAR and highly protested by the Basques.

San José, centered by Andoni López, did not hit between the three sticks in a difficult shot when the visitors insisted the most, already with a change in tactical drawing, more offensive, although this was not enough to equalize a game that finally fell on the local side in one of his less brilliant performances.

The yellow team, four months later, is once again in the top six while waiting for the results obtained by Oviedo and Ponferradina in their respective matches.

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1-0: Las Palmas de García Pimienta looks to the 'playoff'


The Palms: Alvaro Valles; Álvaro Lemos, Coco, Raúl Navas, Benito (Sergi Cardona, min. 73); Kirian, Mfulu (Fabio, min. 78), Jonathan Viera; Rober (Clemente, min. 73), Sadiku and Moleiro (Maikel Mesa, min. 65).
Amorebieta: Santa Maria; Aldalur, Óscar Gil, Markel Lozano, Nolaskoain, Seguín (Andoni López, min. 73); Larrazabal (Etxaburu, min. 83), San José, Javi Ros (Larru, min. 72), Olaetxea (Álvaro Peña, min. 52); and Guruzeta (Obieta, min. 72).
Goal: 1-0, minute 48: Kirian.
Referee: Víctor García Verdura (Catalonia Committee). He showed yellow cards to local players Sadiku and Fabio (92), as well as visiting Aldalur, Javi Ros and Óscar Gil.
Incidents: Match of the 35th round of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Gran Canaria Stadium in front of 12,825 spectators.

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