Lim listens to offers and the Russian oligarch looks for a new club

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In this story of tycoons there are two absolute truths: one considers his project as the owner of a football club to have failed and another wants to take over the property of another after being stripped of the one he already had. pedro lim Y roman abramovich are two billionaires in low hours in the world of football, although the Valencia CF can cross their paths in a surprising way.

The possible purchase of Valencia by Abramovich must be taken with tweezers. It all stems from the recent statement from Miguel Zorioformer vice president of Valencia and spokesman for Valencian Tide:

“On April 27 I will hold a press conference to present the new share purchase offer that we are going to make to Peter Lim, and which of course will reflect the loss of value of the club due to his management. The most important thing is that we maintain the commitment to finish the stadium and distribute the shares among the Valencianistas, and if Lim tries to sell the club, we will have the right of first refusal, something that the power and point players did not expect when they drafted the infamous contract for the sale of the club.

Peter Lim has tried to sell the club in London for 250 million euros and has not succeeded. Lately he has leaked to international media that he has two purchase offers, mine and that of the Russian oligarch of Chelsea. And from here I tell you that he either puts 50 million each year to compensate for the losses he generates or sells to us. You like it more or less.”

Abramovich’s alleged interest in Valencia has not transpired beyond that. A little over a year ago there was another surprising rumor that splashed Valencia: the prince of johor he was to arrive at the club first as an ally of Peter Lim and then as his replacement. Neither one thing nor the other ended up happening no matter how much Tunku Isma’il | pronounced on numerous occasions.

Now, it does seem that Lim is now listening to offers to sell Valencia and it remains to be seen if Abramovich may really get somewhere. The Russian is focused on the process of selling Chelsea, which will not immediately bring him income due to the freezing of his accounts and assets in England.

Abramovich and the Turkish Göztepe

But Roman moves, Y when the river sounds… Although with more force it is sounding in another part of the world: Turkey. There Abramovich may have found refuge from the persecution of Russian oligarchs for links with Vladimir Putin and he could establish his base in the country to the point of taking over a football club as he did with Chelsea in the early 2000s.

Another rumor assumed that Abramovich already had an agreement to purchase the Goztepe Turkish. It was even said that this was going to become official this last Friday, which did not happen. From the Ottoman club they deny that even Abramovich has approached to speak with them, so this is another matter that is presented as a total unknown.

Peter Lim and Anil Murthy during a Valencia match in Amsterdam

Peter Lim and Anil Murthy during a Valencia match in Amsterdam

Valencia CF

The New Mestalla

Meanwhile, and with Lim listening to offers, Valencia is fighting another battle. The club that made the Generalitat ugly this Saturday, which has not responded to its request for a meeting to explain to the regional administration the details of the documentation for its new stadium that it has sent to try to save the urban benefits of the ATE of the Nou Mestalla whose early expiration.

“This Friday marked a month since the club delivered the documentation required by the administration to resume work on the new stadium. Valencia CF continues to work to execute this project and hopes to meet soon with the relevant authorities to continue advancing together” , the statement said.

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