MÁLAGA 2 – REAL VALLADOLID 2 Pucela approved and failed: Insufficient Arreón

Real Valladolid rescued a point against Málaga in a game that perhaps they never saw lost, hence the draw, but in which they did have a two-goal deficit, both given away. Two serious errors gave the Malacitanos a lot of life, although the blanquivioletas managed to draw. However, injuries to Weissman and Monchu calmed things down and the comeback was only half done.

Masip: In the first goal it was executed without option. In the second, they all killed him and he died alone, leaving the goal in an area where the central defenders got complicated. He attentive, however, in other types of actions.

Luis Perez: Much better when he had a companion to do two for one. He took advantage of the appearances in that area by Iván Sánchez, who, however, abandoned him a lot, as Plata did in the final stretch, to his misfortune.

Joaquin: He tries to throw the offside at 1-0 and misses. Too contemplative at 2-0, he made too many improper mistakes, such as in a couple of counterattacks in which Adrián spared his life, and therefore the team.

Kiko Olivas: Disappeared in the counterattack that put Málaga ahead. He leaves the zone and is grouped with Masip and Joaquín in the second goal, which culminates in a disaster. Very nervous, he had a lot of prominence in the ball out.

Nacho: As the sides were not sought as much as on other days, he did not shine, although he did connect a lot in a second height. But, aside from that, he was also unskilled in the centers he served.

Rock Table: Blocked, by the rival midfield and by himself, he was too stubborn in some contact in the initiation zone. He improved by far when the team went 4-4-2, capitalizing on the game.

Watery: He touched the goal again in the first bars. He threw the midfield behind his back after conceding the first goal. However, his driving did not take him very far or become dangerous.

Monchu: He looked for the equalizer in a direct corner. He put another perfectly into the heart of the area for Weissman to make it 2-1, as well as one more for Sergio León. He mixed as a third midfielder at a good level, although there was sometimes traffic jam inside.

Ivan Sanchez: It grew after half an hour, with two good slaloms and a promising but insufficient partnership with Luis Pérez. They hit her like she was going to finish. He was somewhat intermittent, but often improved the play.

Tony Villa: Suffered from heavy traffic inside not getting too much plaster on the outside. She tried to do it in her usual little way, with uneven success in the dribbling. He was one of the first sacrificed in search of ‘punch’.

Weissman: Dani Martín prevented him from equalizing at close range twice in the first half hour, in two shots with a goal mark. With a header, he retaliated by scoring the goals to equalize, both first.

They also played in the Pacheta team:

The pay: The first ball he had in conditions turned it into the assist of the tie to two. He looked for the inside outside surely too much, because it was near the lime line where he generated the most danger, as in that action.

Serge Leon: Dani Martín tried to ruin the afternoon by preventing him from making it 3-2. Apart from that action, the team did not finish finding him, because with the injuries he lost his spirit. He asked for a penalty and saw a yellow card in a protest.

year: That Real Valladolid did not finish governing the game, or at least not managing its tempo, weighed on him; he intervened a few times, although without the transcendence of other days. Again, he played on the wing and as a midfielder.

Ram: Perhaps his entry was surprising, although it is true that Nacho was not transcending. He suffered a hard crash and he was seen revolutionized.

Black pudding: did not add He tried to stretch the field, but touched few balls. He neither centered well nor gave depth. Unimportant one more day.