Monaco shooting star Aurelien Tchouameni: Welcome to the Grand Casino


In the Principality of Monaco, everything is a bit more expensive than here. Where the rich and beautiful live, a coffee can cost seven euros, a small bottle of water around ten. And a footballer as much as the entire Grand Casino. At least if Monaco’s sporting director Paul Mitchell is to be believed.

He had recently compared the value of his midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni with one of the most well-known casinos in the world. “It’s all very expensive here,” Mitchell said tuttosport Asked about other clubs’ interest in Tchouameni: “And Tchouameni is as expensive as the Grand Casino.”

The actual value is not transmitted. Various media reports deal with amounts of around 35 million euros. It remains to be seen whether this also corresponds to the value of the Grand Casino. The fact is that the 21-year-old Tchouameni, despite his age, is currently an integral part of AS Monaco and after just under two years he has already aroused the interest of the big players.

Monaco’s Aurelien Tchouameni: Savior Niko Kovac and big shoes to fill

Tchouameni arrived in the Principality from Bordeaux in January 2020 for €18m. He had previously worked through numerous youth teams at Girondins and became a professional there in 2018. The move to Monaco was the first in the defensive midfielder’s young career. At the time, BVB is said to have signaled an interest.

In the beginning he struggled with adjustment difficulties with the Monegasques. Only three joker appearances in seven league games before the corona-related demolition were recorded for the youngster under Roberto Moreno. He saw a yellow card in all three appearances.

The following summer Moreno was history, Niko Kovac took the helm – and the former Bayern coach should be something like the can opener for Tchouameni.

“He’s improved a lot in his game over the past season,” says Xavier Beal from GOAL France about the Frenchman, who was named the league’s best young player after the season, following in the footsteps of PSG star Kylian Mbappe: “This award was well deserved.”

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Tchouameni played 36 out of a possible 38 league games, all from the start and just nine not going the full distance. He missed the remaining two games due to injury or was suspended. In the end, third place and qualification for the Champions League playoffs. Also this season Tchouameni is seeded in the 4-4-2 on the double six. In 29 games across all competitions so far, he has been on the pitch 27 times – a breather and a yellow card suspension prevented a perfect quota.

“We all know he’s a great talent with great potential,” Kovac gushed in August: “I know he’s intelligent and knows what he has to do to achieve something. He works a lot every day, on and off the pitch, especially individually by watching videos, he’s a regular in my team.”

If Tchouameni continues like this, “he will certainly be called up for the senior team one day.” The 50-year-old proved his clairvoyant abilities: Just a few weeks later, Tchouameni was in the squad for the Equipe Tricolore.

Tchouameni transfer rumors: ‘They teased me in the dressing room’

In the Nations League final against Spain (2-1) in October, his star rose there too – and that in his fifth appearance. Substituting for the injured N’Golo Kante on the six alongside Paul Pogba, to whom he is often compared and credited as a role model, Tchouameni impressed both physically and physically.

It didn’t take long for the rumor mill to start churning. Only a few days after said performance, Tchouameni twice graced the front page of the To mark. “Tchoaumeni in Real’s sights” and “Tchoaumeni is worth 60 million euros” were the headlines. “My father called me and said that they had sent him the front page of Marca. What is that story? I also saw it on Twitter,” said Tchouameni The team: “I told him it was cool, but what is it worth today? Nothing. It’s not the front page of Marca that helps me perform well. That’s not a living. But that’s the media world, that’s the way it is soccer business.”

Even his teammates teased him about it. “In the dressing room they teased me: ‘Ah, you’re already leaving!’ It’s flattering, but I don’t wake up thinking about it in the morning,” he added.

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Meanwhile, not only Real is associated with Tchouameni. Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Chelsea FC are also being traded as possible buyers for the rising star, whose contract with the Monegasques is dated until 2024.

According to information from GATE and SPOX At least the Blues are interested, but the Londoners don’t currently have a need for a defensive man.

Monaco’s Tchouameni: A Touch of Steven Gerrard

For France expert Beal, such big names associated with Tchouameni are no wonder. “He’s a complete player: very good at winning the ball, he knows how to initiate offensive actions and is good in the air. He knows how to position himself on the pitch. He’s a player who works hard in training and listens to his coach,” he says. Tchouameni, who actually started out as a striker in Bordeaux youth, belongs to the category of France’s great defensive midfielders, like Pogba or Eduardo Camavinga, who are “physically impressive but at the same time have excellent technique.”

Sports director Mitchell recently ennobled his protégé with a prestigious comparison. “He’s very fast and physically strong. He reminds me of Steven Gerrard,” he told thetuttosport.

You won’t give up a player of this caliber that easily. “The opportunities on the market are endless and in July we will take stock, primarily by analyzing how we ended the season,” explained Mitchell. Tchouameni, despite his young age, “is already a top player, and if we are one of the greatest Clubs in the world want to be like those courting him, it would be good to keep him.”

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Tchouameni? “Could prevail in every league”

On the other hand, Beal only sees a realistic chance of staying if he successfully qualifies for the premier class. After 18 games, Monaco are currently in eighth place (26 points) and five points behind third place in qualifying.

But no matter which path Tchouameni ultimately chooses, he can assert himself anywhere. “Players trained in France can play in all leagues,” adds Beal: “So with the way he plays, he will feel comfortable anywhere.”