Premier League: “We will remember Manchester City-Liverpool like the Lakers-Celtics”

In recent years, the Premier League has enjoyed a new XXL rivalry in which tradition and petrodollars mix and collide with force. A battle that is a ‘trending topic’ in the centenary of ‘football’ and that has become a ‘classic’ for generation Z. manchester city Y Liverpool They are a great game of video games… but very real. The script of the film of this Premiere is d

Hollywood icon: a point separates the ‘cityzens’ (leaders) from the ‘reds’ (seconds) before another chapter of a modern confrontation to which they have given (and give) shine

Salah, De Bruyne, Mane, Silva, Firmino, Aguero

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whose duel on the bench is vintage. Their ‘heads-up’ for the Premier and their skirmishes in the Champions League (it all started with the 2018 quarterfinals that the ‘reds’ took) are on their way to being historic like the



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Barcelona-Real Madrid





. “I’m sure that Nadal and Federer enjoyed their rivalry a lot,” said the German, comparing it to the ‘pique’ of him with Pep’s squad. The two coaches are the ‘culprits’ that this duel will survive over time. Their level of demand makes them cross all sporting frontiers. They improve each other. The records for points (100 for City to lift the Premier in 2018, 99 for Liverpool to do so in 2020 and 98 and 97 in their pulse of 2019) and for consecutive victories (both set the ceiling with 18) are routine for two teams that have been challenging each other for five years. Few teams have maintained such a high rhythm and regularity in a league as demanding as the Premier League, which in this period has been won three times by the ‘light blue’ and once by the ‘red’. They are two machines that are ‘copied’ to ‘improve’. The ‘electric’ Liverpool has taken some of City’s ‘possession’ and Klopp’s counterattacks also enter Pep’s script. And both became impassable by buying two power plants (

Van Dijk



) Tall.

red comeback

The irregular Christmas ‘red’ and the ‘perfection’ ‘light blue’ left the Anfield team 11 points behind! City with one game less. However, the ‘Pool’ came back winning 10 consecutive games! and ‘taking advantage’ of the three ‘punctures’ (

Southampton, Tottenham and Crystal Palace

) from the leader until he was a breath away before the meeting between the two at the Etihad. “They are always there. They are like a pain in the ass,” reflected Pep. “He’s the toughest rival I’ve ever had…although the


Guardiola was not easy either. We have put pressure on ourselves in a crazy way”, joked a ‘The Normal One’ who aspires to the ‘poker’ of titles that Pep touched in 2019. That season, City took the Premier at the finish line by one point, winning the last 14 games! Liverpool, who triumphed in all nine finals, pressed without limits. It looks like it will be repeated in 2022. The Etihad will not pass sentence… but it will be key. And then they will face each other in the semifinals of the FA Cup at Wembley and they could even meet in the Champions League final.They are at their ‘prime’.

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