PSG boss Leonardo admits tensions with Sergio Ramos and hopes Kylian Mbappe stays

PSG boss Leonardo has admitted there were tensions with Sergio Ramos. At the same time, he still hopes that Kylian Mbappe will stay.

“We didn’t expect to be without Ramos for four or five months. While we knew he had injuries from last season and that we need to treat them, it’s true that there have been surprises. There have been a few Tensions,” said the sporting director in an interview Europe 1

However, Ramos finally made his Paris debut on 18 November, most recently playing 90 minutes in a 3-0 Cup win over SC Feignies.

“Today he’s really on the right track. In terms of presence, mentality and personality, it would be important to have him with us in the second half of the season,” enthused Leonardo.

Besides, he also spoke about Kylian Mbappe whose future is still undecided. “Everyone knows we want to keep him for as long as possible. It’s a very special situation because it’s about the best player in the world who’s just about to end his contract. We’ve always had a very direct relationship with his family, be it’s with Fayza (his mother) or Wilfrid (his father). You can tell there were times when it was more heated, but that’s part of building a relationship,” he explained.

PSG hope for Mbappe extension

Although the superstar has been talking about a move to Real Madrid in the summer for months, Leonardo has not yet given up hope of a contract extension. “If he should decide to stay, he will. I think he’s taking it all very calmly. It’s a complicated situation in the sense that we want him to stay in Paris for life. We will have to respect his decision. I think we still have a chance to extend. I believe in it,” he added.

At the same time, he didn’t want to raise any discussion about Lionel Messi, who has six goals and five assists in his previous 15 PSG players. “The quality of Leo Messi is indisputable for me. When you start arguing about Messi, you don’t know anything about football,” he said.