PSG shocked by Benzema: Real Madrid in the quarterfinals!

News | After winning 1-0 in the first leg, PSG wanted to make their mark away at Real Madrid today and reach the quarter-finals. That didn’t work out, however, as Karim Benzema and Luka Modric led Los Blancos to a 3-1 victory.

Lively game, Mbappe scores for PSG

Real Madrid started the game with great commitment and attacked PSG high, the first dangerous ball flew into the penalty area within the first minute. A certain amount of hectic was also evident in the duels, because the game was frequently interrupted from the start. The first dangerous switching action by the guests brought nothing, Kylian Mbappe was sent off in the eighth minute, but Thibaut Courtois was able to clean the move with ease. It was that Mbappe who had the first major chance a little later. After Dani Carvajal missed the goal with a long-range shot, the 23-year-old had the best opportunity to date, but finished unplaced.

After the initial euphoria on the part of Real Madrid, the game calmed down a bit. PSG had a few pinpricks up their sleeves, which also posed a risk. Neymar, for example, closed after around 20 minutes. Karim Benzema had the best chance for Real Madrid with a fine flick in the 25th minute, but the ball was just cleared for a corner kick. Lionel Messi tried a lob a little later, after which Mbappe scored from offside. Benzema had a chance to head the ball in the 36th minute but failed to place the ball well. Just a minute later it was almost the same position, again Benzema didn’t head the ball well enough towards the goal, this time he went about two meters wide.

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But in the 40th minute the doorbell rang. Of course it was Mbappe who PSG brought into the lead. Dani Carvajal lost the ball on offense and couldn’t keep up, the French staged their fast attacker, who ran towards David Alaba and shot a low shot into the short corner. With the 0:1 it also went into the cabin.

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Benzema, Benzema, Benzema: Real Madrid shock PSG

Three minutes after the restart had real Madrid a first good idea on the offensive. But after a one-two, Marco Asensio couldn’t control the ball well and lost it. Mbappe scored his second offside goal of the evening in the 54th minute, shortly afterwards a shot by Vinicius Junior on the other side was too harmless. The great pressure from Real Madrid was not in the air at this stage. In the 62nd minute, Gianluigi Donnarumma invited Los Blancos. After a back pass, he hesitated too long before restarting the game, allowing Benzema to apply pressure. Vinicius got the ball and played across the Frenchman, who scored to make it 1-1. Just that Benzema headed just wide of the goal shortly afterwards, the royals were now in the game! PSG seemed increasingly nervous.

Somewhat by accident, Vinicius Junior got the ball in the 73rd minute, but he didn’t hit the ball well from close range and shot over it. A little later, Luka Modric made his big appearance. First he shook off several opponents in a rush, drove the ball forward and thus initiated striker Benzema’s second goal. The Frenchman remained cold as ice, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu cheered and the teams were currently on course for extra time. PSG has collapsed completely – and it got even worse. Directly after the kick-off, PSG initially played around in their own half, but were absolutely nervous and produced a bad pass without the opponent putting too much pressure on them. Real Madrid immediately pushed forward, the visitors’ defense was now completely scrambled and Benzema was literally fed his third goal! The Frenchman had completely turned the game upside down on his own.

In the 89th minute, Modric almost got his reward for his outstanding game. The Croatian flicked the ball with his left foot but just wide of the top left. The 3:1 for the hosts was also the final score, PSG was eliminated!

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