Racing de Ferrol beats the Cultural in the Kingdom of León

Launch of the game between Cultural and Racing de Ferrol.

Soccer | First RFEF

Those of Curro Torres suffer before one of the colossi of the category, which blurs the Leonese

H. Barrueco

The Kingdom of León vibrated again in a match of the highest level between a Cultural team that needed to make amends against one of the colossi of Racing de Ferrol. A day that showed the level of the bodybuilders against the Galicians. The locals failed to break some well planted Galicians during the ninety minutes. (0-2)

The meeting began with good feelings for the locals. The Cultural approached and had an Obolskii as its protagonist, who forced Gazzaniga to intervene in two stages.

The Leonese looked eager and Ketu put a ball into the heart of the area, which Castañeda made a clear shot, which the visiting goalkeeper made a save. An occasion that would be a mere mirage of what would happen shortly after.

away effectiveness

The Galicians made a name for their great effectiveness and Joselu around the 20th minute of the game opened the scoring. A book against Racing de Ferrol that was cunningly finished off by the top scorer in the history of Ferrol.

Hard blow for those of Curro Torres, who saw how the first visitor shot between the three sticks was a goal. A bit that would heat up the atmosphere with Castañeda Aarón Piñán reprimanded for entries and protests.

As the minutes passed, the Cultural became blurred, causing many spaces behind. Joselu was in charge of making a center that he could not clearly finish off a Nieto inside the area, thanks to a great Amelibia.

First half with local difficulty

The end of the first half condemned a Cultural, which awarded an innocent penalty, which was finished off by Joselu from eleven meters.

After fifteen minutes of refreshment, the script continued along the same lines as the first half. After a header from Amelibia, the visitors responded that they were well positioned on the pitch.

Leonese Cultural

Sotres; Aarón (Nahuel, min. 78), Jorge, Castañeda, Benito (Mangana, min. 62), Angong (Álamo, min. 69), Jorge, Amelibia, Obolskii (Percan, min. 78), Solís, Ketu (Buenacasa, min 62), Sierra

Ferrol Races

Dani Nieto; Álex López (David Rodríguez, min. 65), Heber Pena (Alayeto, min. 69), Joselu (Del Pozo, min. 65)

  • goals
    0-1, min. 19, Joselu. 0-2, min. 46, Joselu.

  • Referee
    Palencia Cabellero (Basque College). He showed yellow to Castañeda, Obolskii, Álamno and Jon García in Cultural and to Jon García by Racing de Ferrol. He has also expelled Yeferson and Nahuel.

  • Incidents
    Kingdom of Leon. 31st day of group 1 of the First RFEF. 3110 spectators.

Despite these local approaches, Racing de Ferrol returned to the charge and Joselu and Nieto were about to increase the Leonese bloodletting even more. A few moments of the game in which the Kingdom of León feared the worst.

Even so, Curro Torres’ men tried to maintain long possessions to get closer to Gazzaniga’s goal. Ball movements that did not find depth.

Crucial visit for Galicians

The visitors arrived at this Saturday’s appointment with many doubts due to physical discomfort. Problems that did not prevent the entire Galician squad from traveling, to be united in the final stretch of the regular phase. A crucial game away from the third-place stadium, looking to continue in the wake of Deportivo La Coruña.

Necessary change of local trend

The pupils of Curro Torres knew the emotional importance of a clash that had to show the involvement and know-how of the bodybuilders. Players like Obolskii or Solis were some of the great attractions of a clash, this Saturday, crucial to avoid head trouble in the last games of this campaign.

The second part choked some locals who were not able to contain the attacks from Ferrol. Some occasions that did not convert and showed the bad bodybuilding moment.

Curro Torres:

The last quarter of an hour was dominated by visitors, who continued trying to close the door of Dani Sotres. Centers without much precision that caused the end of regulation time to be reached with a resounding 0-2.

Curro Torres’ men gave in to a Racing de Ferrol superior in all aspects of the game, both in offensive effectiveness and defensive forcefulness.