REAL SOCIEDAD B 1- TENERIFE 2 | Tenerife reacts on time in Anoeta

Tenerife and Real Sociedad were looking for a much-needed reaction at the Reale Arena, and the one that found it was the visiting team. And twice. Because he broke his losing streak of three straight days without winning, and because he woke up on time after letting Sanse draw after winning from the 10th minute with Mario’s goal. Tenerife could go with a clear advantage at the break, but they did not know how to take advantage of the doubts that the royalist subsidiary had in defense. He took a nap after the break, and Sanse woke up and managed to equalize with ten minutes to go. But Elady appeared in extremis to give Tenerife the victory, which reacted in time to take three crucial points. Sanse is very touched, because he sees how his reaction to save himself doesn’t finish arriving. And without too many stray bullets to dream of salvation.

If you don’t shoot between the three sticks, it’s impossible to think about winning a game. You can already have all the possession in the world, you can think that you dominate the game or be a protagonist with the ball… but if you don’t have chances, if you don’t test the rival goalkeeper, it’s very difficult to get a victory. That was Sanse in the first half against a much more practical Tenerife, which gave up all the alternative to the realistic subsidiary, clearly giving up the ball to go quickly on the counterattack when they had options to run. They weren’t many times, but when he did, he went like a knife into butter in the realistic area, penalizing a very hesitant defense, and especially a goalkeeper, Gaizka Ayesa, who was too fearful… and generous with his rival. Thus came the 0-1 in the 10th minute.

Sanse was carrying the weight of the game, but without generating danger, stuck every time he reached the three-quarter line, and in a ball steal in a dangerous area, Tenerife stretched and a Bermejo center from the right headed him Mario at the bottom of the net. All with the invaluable help of Blasco, who inexplicably crouched down, and Ayesa, who horribly went into an area where the ball never reached. Yet another mistake by a realistic subsidiary heavily penalized for his lack of forcefulness in his area. The season summed up in one play. There was still time to react, but Tenerife’s goal left him very touched. He had the ball, yes; but with the feeling that it was just all that Ramis’ outfit left him. Because he did not leave with a greater advantage in the miracle marker. First with another quick exit with a driving by Mario inside and that ended with a shot by Mollejo to the side of the net. And then with a play down the wing by Enric Gallego that Mario finished off, Ayesa ate it up with another untimely start, but González de Zarate saved Tenerife’s second on goal. The txuri-urdin had possession, the people from Tenerife the goal and the chances.

Sanse reacted timidly after the break, but it was still hard for them to reach Juan Soriano’s goal. Because Tenerife was well planted in a low block, and hardly left any gaps between the lines, and there Rober Navarro, Turrientes and Olasagasti are less happy. A few sneaky shots allowed the royalist reserve team to hope that they could draw, because the people from Tenerife were very serious and continued to bring danger on the counterattack, especially with a very active Mario who took almost all the danger for his team. But since he was not able to give the lace to a Sanse touched, but not sunk; Xabi Alonso’s men had an outburst in the final straight, improving with the start of Roberto López. They pressed harder in search of the tie, locking Tenerife in their area, and after a good combination came the hopeful goal for Sanse. A great pass from Roberto López to the back of the right side, Cristo Romero reached the bottom line and first centered the small area, where Robert Navarro arrived like an exhalation to shoot Juan Soriano. The goal gave Sanse wings, who felt capable of coming back… but then Tenerife reacted in time, with a wonderful cross from the left by Mollejo that Elday finished off at pleasure at the far post. Neither the Sanse goalkeeper was in his place, nor was the defense well placed. The blow for the realistic subsidiary was very hard, because it is close to the precipice. For Tenerife, the glory, because it sees the promotion positions closer.

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*Data updated as of April 9, 2022


Christ Romero (55′, Jonathan Gomez), julen lobete (55′, Jokin Gabilondo), elady (65′, Enric Gallego), Jeremy Mellot (73′, Shaq Moore), Robert Lopez (73′, Urko Gonzalez), Sergio Gonzalez (73′, Mario Gonzalez), Andres Martin (84′, Alex Bermejo), Alex Corredera (84′, Pablo Larrea)


0-1, 9′: mario gonzalez1-1, 80′: Robert Navarro1-2, 85′: elady


Referee: Ruben Avalos Barrera
VAR Referee: Daniel Ocón Arraiz
Alex Bermejo (28′, Yellow) Jon Ander Olasagasti (67′, Yellow