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Looking ahead to the Women’s Copa América that will be in Colombia from July 8 to 30, the Colombian National Team is preparing with various teams from the South American continent. This time, they faced their counterpart from Venezuela, a first game that equaled two goals at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium in the city of Cali. There will be a second match on Tuesday the 12th at 10 am behind closed doors.

The Colombians, led by Nelson Abadía, had an answer throughout the game and did not despair despite the poor start they showed in the first minutes of the match.

Venezuelan players such as Petra Cabrera, Ysaura Viso, Yenifer Giménez, Andrea Tovar, Maikerlin Astudillo, Hilary Vergara and Natasha Rosas returned to Colombia, as they had a past in Colombian football. For their part, Nairelis Gutiérrez, Yessica Velásquez and María Alejandra Peraza currently play in the BetPlay Women’s League.

In FUTBOLRED we analyze the best of that tie to two goals:

Good first ten minutes of Colombia: The game started with offensive intensity from Colombia. Leicy Santos put together the actions distributing game for attacking references such as María Catalina Usme and Mayra Ramírez. However, the shots did not bother Nayluisa Cáceres, but they came close. One of them, from Usme in a closed free kick that barely looked for the far post from the side.

Inaccuracies that Venezuela took advantage of: Despite the good start of the Colombians, the imprecise passes began to be the constant after the first ten minutes. The clock was ticking at 12′ when Catalina Usme tried to make a back pass. Daniuska Rodríguez stole the ball, she filtered for Mariana Speckmaier who assisted Deyna Castellanos alone to push her to the bottom.

In the first quarter of an hour of the game, Deyna Castellanos repeated the dose, this time due to defensive inaccuracies. The passivity in defense played against the Atlético de Madrid player facing Catalina Pérez and defined the bottom.

Immediate response from Colombia: the Colombians began to work on the right wing where they immediately created danger and reacted to Deyna Castellanos’ double. Collective play to discount with a Mayra Ramírez center that Leicy Santos pushed. Colombia from discount was on top during the rest of the game, but Nayluisa Cáceres responded.

Catalina Perez’s safety: when the Colombian defense was weak against the attacks of Deyna Castellanos and Mariana Speckmaier, the Betis goalkeeper saved. In the complement, Speckmaier had the victory, but the goalkeeper saved the corner. On other occasions, she cut several shipments to the area, her bailouts were important, and she was vital to leave the tie at two.

Goal Hunger: Colombia had an answer after the two goals from Deyna Castellanos and dominated the match in the second half despite the few options for Venezuela that Catalina Pérez saved. To the rhythm of Leicy Santos, the Colombians found a draw with a strong shot that escaped Nayluisa Cáceres.

Colombia will have to prepare better for the Copa América. Well, although he had several arrivals at the goal of Nayluis Cáceres, he lacked definition to be able to win.