The Summary of Málaga – Real Valladolid: Goals, Videos, Chronicle

Of ‘golden opportunity’, as was the visit of Real Valladolid to the La Rosaleda Stadium, to missed opportunity there is only one step and José Rojo’s team, Pacheta, showed it in their match against Málaga CF. The dispute on matchday 35 of LaLiga SmartBank leaves the clear feeling that the pucelanos have lost two points and they have done it for errors and own efforts.

Although it is true that the Malaga goals, at the beginning of each of the parts, are marked and defined by Real Valladolid’s own errors, Pucelano’s main problem was not those many conceded. The trend and the game were visitors until the duel turned face. At that moment, Pacheta made a mistake and the players chained error after error.

What happened in the last 20 minutes of the match is an incomprehensible management that deprives Pucela of a deserved win in over an hour. That merit was exposed too much in punctual, decisive and final moments of the match. The final stretch is a major lost opportunity for a team with personality with the score against them, but with a certain vertigo in the decisive phase. All in all, a duel of many small games.

Errors vs. Weissman

The first 45 minutes ended and Real Valladolid left uan undeniable feeling of party control. Those of Pacheta had the duel how they wanted. The game plan of the blanquivioleta team had gone perfectly, but an error condemned the pucelanos in the first part. A bad defensive adjustment in the first seconds of the match made the difference.

A punctual detail could a well-executed and well-oiled proposal from Real Valladolid. Those first 45 minutes were played in the local field and very close to Dani Martín’s area. Everything went as the pucelanos wantedexcept for Brandon Thomas’s goal. The exception was not just anyone, yes, but it was a detail that should not overshadow the pucelana proposal.

Monchu Rodríguez, at the Real Valladolid match in Malaga (Photo: LaLiga).

The Pucela had the meeting as he wanted but a detail marked a difference that widened after the resumption. A few minutes after leaving the locker room, Pacheta’s men committed another unforgivable and unjustifiable mistake which forced an almost epic comeback.

Getting something positive out of La Rosaleda Stadium was unimaginable after 50 minutes of the match. Despite seeing a dominating Real Valladolid, mistakes doomed the team already the answer of the pucelanos, but Shon Weissman changed the face of Valladolid in just over four minutes.

Lost opportunity

Two actions that define the ‘9’ to perfection made Real Valladolid equalize the match and could live more than 30 minutes focused on a win that would increase your chances of success. The possibility was clear but the reality was different.

If the Pucela was deserving of the victory in the first 70 minutes, the management of the last 20 questions the intervention of Pacheta and the performance of certain players. Conditioned by injuries and the forced changes of Shon Weissman and Monchu RodriguezReal Valladolid ended up living in their own field and locked up in the area of ​​an insecure Jordi Masip due to an erroneous reading.

The tendency of the party was being one. Despite being two goals behind, Real Valladolid had control of the game. The game was where Pucela wanted but the last 20 minutes were poorly managed and led.

Thus, people from Valladolid leave Malaga with the feeling that the golden opportunity that was to travel to the Rosaleda Stadium has become a missed opportunity. The duel was in the face of the blanquivioleta until they could not understand it. When everything painted in his favor, the Pucela brokesomething that did not happen even with a disadvantage of two goals. Incomprehensible, painful and, who knows, if decisive.

Roque Mesa, against three Málaga CF rivals at La Rosaleda Stadium (Photo: LaLiga).
Roque Mesa, against three Málaga CF rivals at La Rosaleda Stadium (Photo: LaLiga).


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