VALENCIA LIGHTNING | Bordalás: “We are not going to take unnecessary risks in the League”

Jose Bordalás He is aware, like all Valencianism, that on April 23 his Valencia plays a Copa del Rey final against Betis. For this reason, the coach from Alicante does not hide that it would be “reckless” to force players with discomfort or at risk of suffering a muscle injury. This does not imply that the team is not also focused on the League, on the match against Rayo and on that option of cutting points from VIllarreal and Athletic in the fight for seventh place. Bordalás hopes that his team recovers the lost goal and for this it is necessary that “the shots cannot be reserved for just one or two players”.

Bordalás, facing the visit to Rayo Vallecano, has the loss of Diakaby by penalty and the almost certain Maxi Gomez due to injury. Side Y Foulquier have already exercised with the group and their participation will depend on the need of the team, as well as gaya, who continues with his special plan even though he already played a few minutes against Cádiz. Alderete gave the scare in the last previous session, when he withdrew for a few moments to be treated by the doctors. But Bordalás himself explained that his presence is not at risk, at least not because of that ailment. “Alderete had some discomfort on the sole of his foot. He has withdrawn for a few moments to put a protection on him, but he was fine,” said the coach.

Alderete felt discomfort in the session prior to the match against Rayo.

How’s the infirmary?

Maxi, as you know, has some problems in the fifth goal of the last game and is trying to recover, but it will be difficult for him to arrive, because he still has discomfort and we have decided not to force him. The rest of him has joined, some at a lower level, but now we can count on everyone. Gayà let’s hope that he is and in principle all the others available, with the exception of Diakhaby.

It’s hard not to talk about the Cup with 13 days to go…

We all know how excited people are, how important that match is, a final against a great team like Betis. The Cup final has a special attraction and that date is approaching and it is inevitable to look askance at the final, but we are focused on the League and we face Rayo. He had a magnificent first lap and the second is costing him more. They will want to score points to get out of the lower zone and we have the possibility of getting closer to Villarreal and Athletic de Bilbao.

Rayo is not doing well in this second phase, as you say, what do you think has happened to him?

I don’t know that. His coach knows that best, but it is the result of how complicated this competition is. He has managed to give him an improvement in recent games, although he has had details such as an expulsion in recent games. We cannot trust ourselves at all, because we are seeing how difficult this League is. Mallorca beat Atlético de Madrid and that is proof that any rival can surprise you and win. We have prepared well for the match.

With eight matchdays to go, have you talked to Peter Lim about next season and do you know if he will go to the final?

I don’t know if he will go to the final and it is an important moment of the season and we are not thinking about the future but about the present. Now we have a very important final stretch for the interests of the team.

Do you give the team to fight for a goal like Europe and the Cup final?

We are going to see it, because what is clear is that we are not going to take unnecessary risks in the League. The final is very important and if we have a not very good feeling, then we are going to try not to participate, because it would be reckless to risk at this time with so little time to play a final.

Does Diakhaby’s loss influence you?

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Diakhaby has recovered his best level, he has adapted very well to what we demand of him and the loss of an important player is always important. But we have players to replace him. Not because of his absence we are going to modify the drawing. We can play defense four as well. I have decided, but I will not reveal it.

Is the team risking less to be more reliable or is it lacking automation?

The issue of goals cannot depend on one or two players. There are players who have to contribute more on an offensive level. It is to be believed that they can reach goal zones, the shots cannot be reserved for just one player, we have to reach more, we want more men to reach the rival area… the impression that can be given is that playing with three central defenders The team can be less defensive, but no, the team has to step up for the attack.

In attack, do they depend too much on individuals?

We can’t depend on one or two players. We all have to participate much more, not just the wingers, the central defenders also from set pieces. A central defender cannot finish with zero goals, because in how many games do we see games get stuck and in a set piece a central defender gives you the three points. Everyone has to participate offensively and defensively.

Will the Cup set the tone for the season?

Reaching a final has a difficulty and anything can happen in it. Betis is a great team and we don’t think now about the possibility of not winning it. Our mind is set on achieving it.

Valencia depends on itself to enter Europe…

It is to value. At the beginning of the season doubts are always generated due to the background of the team. In recent seasons the team was fighting to save the category. Now we are alive in League. We will try. I don’t know if he is focusing much on the final, I imagine it will also happen to Betis. The fans want to celebrate a title.

You say that it would be reckless to force, do you notice that the players are also dosing themselves on a day-to-day basis?

The team is just as involved, the team is aware that we have to reach this final stage in the best shape. We do not force as far as there is a problem of muscular risk, but we cannot reserve ourselves. We have to compete to the maximum if we want to win the victory. We cannot go to 60 or 80 percent. I was referring to not risking a muscle injury, but if you suffer a trauma, you can’t control it. But if we want to have any chance of fighting to be with the best, we have to compete one hundred percent. And we are facing a rival who is going to demand one hundred percent of us.