1-0. Bilbao Athletic adds a victory of four points

Bilbao Athletic have added the three points in Lezama in a hard-fought victory against SD Logroñés after playing the last half hour with one player less due to the expulsion of Benat Pradosa fixed man for Patxi Salinas in the medullary that will cause loss in the next commitment, the visit to Badajoz, the first of the five games that are missing to finish the League in the First RFEF.

The subsidiary has achieved a vital victory that serves to surpass the La Rioja team in the qualifying table for the best goal average -the match in the first round ended in a draw- and distance the relegation places by five points after Talavera, first team that occupies the red zone, could not pass the draw at home against Deportivo de la Coruña (1-1). Internacional de Madrid, another of the rivals for salvation, has also not been able to defeat San Sebastián de los Reyes on their pitch (0-0). It has been, without a doubt, a very good day for the rojiblancos’ interests.

Juan Artola scored the winning goal with a header in minute 3 of the game

The puppies have been better in the first forty-five minutes, although the visitors have also had chances to go into the break with a better result than 1-0. Athletic’s second team soon found the goal. A long cross has put him very well in the head Alvaro Nunez to the small area and Artola He has also finished off with his head where he could not reach Vidal. It was minute 3 and the rojiblanco subsidiary was on track for the game.

Agirrezabala, Álvaro Núñez, Paredes, Sillero, Raúl Chasco (Hugo Rincón, min. 72), Prados, Diarra (Rementeria, min. 81), Malcom. Guruzeta (Naveira, min. 81), Luis Bilbao (Goti, min. 72), Artola (Aritz Pascual, min. 86).

Vidal, Calderón (Diego Esteban, min. 79), Emilio Lozano (Arnedo, min. 38), Caneda, Paredes, Cubero, Haritz (Sandoval, min. 79), Pelayo, Jon Ander (Asier Córdoba, min. 62), Javito, Soberon.

1-0: Artola (min. 3).

Pérez Fernández (Castilian Leonese Committee).
He admonished Raúl Chasco (min. 31), Luis Bilbao (51), Soberón (min. 51), Beñat Prados (min. 59 and 68), Artola (min. 62), Patxi Salinas (min. 68), Asier Córdoba (min. 92) and Javito (min. 92).
He expelled Beñat Prados (min. 68).

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Today’s striker’s sixth goal gave the puppies peace of mind, and in the minutes that followed they played their best football. Malcolm He had a good opportunity in the 9th minute with a shot with his left foot that the visiting goalkeeper had to take out. Shortly after, the locals insistently requested a possible penalty for a handball from a player from La Rioja, but the referee Perez Fernandez He has ordered the game to continue.

SD Logroñés stretched as the minutes went by and had their first chance in minute 23 with a shot from Emilio Lozano that has grazed the stump of the left post of the goal defended by Julen Agirrezalaga. The San Sebastian goalkeeper has had to show off later with a save in a free kick bucket. Alvaro Nunezthe best before the break with his insistent runs down the right wing, he has had two chances in the final stretch of the first period with two shots that he has rejected Vidalanother one of the standouts. This is how the first half ended.

Álvaro Núñez was the best puppy in the first half against SD Logroñés


The party has lost showiness after passing through the locker room. The visiting goalkeeper has had to shine again before a shot from Jon Guruzeta in 54′ and shortly after it was luis bilbao the one that has been about to make it 2-0.

raul llona has put on the field of play asier cordobathe brother of inigo formed in Lezama. The winger has been very motivated and has put the local defense in trouble, but his team has not been able to get the most out of their football down the left wing.

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Bilbao Athletic has complicated life with the second card of meadows Half an hour left to finish. Immediately Salinas has put to Hugo Rincon for Raul Chascowho was also reprimanded, already gotti for Bilbao. SD Logroñés did not have clear opportunities in the final stretch of the match and the puppies managed to endure the result to win a golden victory on the way to continuity for another season in the third category of Spanish football.