Cordoba CF Season Tickets | This is the Córdoba CF season ticket campaign: prices, dates and where to buy

It’s here. From today it is officially launched subscriber campaign of Córdoba CF for next season in First RFEFwhose cards can be acquired from now on online formtelephone (857 893 000) or face-to-face in the case of renewals Y in person and by phone for new registrationswith the possibility of being also via online from June 1.

As confirmed by the club, the prices of general renovations will start at 170 euros in the Amphitheater -the highest- until the amount of 85 euros in the high and low South Fund -the lowest-. The new highs also will range from 200 euros in the Amphitheater until the 100 in South Fund high and lowrespectively.

The special regimelocated between those born from 2005 to 2009 and those born before 1957will address costs that will range from 153 to 77 euros. While the prices of the “child card“, for born between 2010 and 2017they will have a single fee of 40 euros and the “baby card“, for the born between 2018 and 2022they will have a cost of 5 euros.

The subscriptions will give access to the matches of the RFEF First League national championship and an preseason games -except against teams of First Division in El Arcángel-, in addition to offering a 10% discount in the physical Official Store. Members of Córdoba CF will also have an advantage if they purchase a season ticket for the Córdoba Futsal World Heritage Site, a First Division futsal team, being able to enjoy a 20% discount on their card to follow the Vista Alegre team.

Prices of renewals and new registrations

The renovations in Amphitheater they will have a cost that will go from 170 -general regime- at 138 -special family- in renovations Y from 200 to 162 euros for new registrations. The renovations in covered grandstand will oscillate between 170 and 138 euroswhile the high Iran from 200 to 162 euros. In open grandstand the hairpin is set between 153 to 124 for renewals and the 180 to 146 euros for new registrations.

The renovations in the North Fund boxes Iran from 94 to 76 euroswhile their new highs will range from 110 to 89 euros. In High and Low North Fund will be established amounts from 85 to 69 euros in renewals Y from 100 to 81 in new registrations.

Prices of the renewals for the next season of Córdoba CF. CCF

in the boxes of Preference it will stablish a price of 120 to 97 euros in renewals Y from 140 to 113 euros for new subscribers. In High and low preference the amounts will go from 111 to 90 euros in renewals Y from 130 to 105 euros in registrations.

By last, the renewals in the high and low South Fund will be located from 85 to 69 euros Y new registrations from 100 to 81 euros.

Prices of the new registrations for the next campaign of Córdoba CF. CCF

In the chapter on discounts, renewal prices They already have a 15% discount for having been paid during the current campaign in the Second RFEF. Also A family discount of 10% will be made from the second member of the family who purchases their meat, up to a maximum of four members. Besides of agreed 5% discount for non-subscribers who bought their ticket for past meetings in The Archangel Versus Las Palmas Athletic and Ceuta and that they become partners for this next course.

Renewal and registration periods

The “Phase 1” of the Bell begins today with the open period for renewals and new registrationsfixed between May 12 and July 15both inclusive. renovations They can be done online, by phone or in person.while the new registrations -in free sites- must be specified in in person or by phonewith the via online also open from June 1.

The “Level 2“corresponding to the seat changes and improvements will start from July 18 to July 23both also inclusive.

Lastly, the “Phase 3“destined this time alone The new registrations will take place from July 25 until the day of the second regular league match at El Arcángel, already with the league championship started.

Face-to-face, telephone and online renewal formats for the 2022-2023 subscriber campaign. CCF

Ticket prices

Next season will also feature with the novelty of being able to purchase tickets onlinein which the prices of the matches in The Archangel Iran from 10 euros in both funds, 15 in Preference, up to 20 in covered or uncovered Grandstand and in Amphitheatre.