Lugo pays tribute to its captains against a pitiful Málaga

How could it be otherwise, Malaga lost againr. Nothing new in a shameful season in which he has been saved because his opponents fell apart. In reality, the only one who really made an effort to please his parish won. A good Lugo who wanted to fire his coach, Ruben Albes, and to his dear captains (Pita, Iriome and Seoane) with a victory that consolidates him as a classic in the silver division.

Farewell day. The ones from Lugo very special. Goodbye to Rubén Albés, a coach with an interesting future. Also from Carlos Pita (remembered in Malaga for a great free-kick goal in the 103rd minute), Seoane (all dedication and heart) and the canary Iriome (in his day he was in the orbit of none other than Milan). We cannot say the same about malaguista goodbyes. There will be surgery after a painful season. Scalpel and necessary cleaning.

A happily inconsequential match for two teams saved from relegation. In the case of Malaga with sorrow and without glory. His lucky stay was only due to Amorebieta and Sanse drowning on the shore.. Lugo becomes the dean of the category (eleventh season) after Alcorcón’s relegation. Malaga is on its way to being if he doesn’t give up going to Primera RFEF if he continues to do things this badly.

Shield/Flag Lugo

The event was as entertaining as a pre-season event usually is.. Pablo Guede, malaguista coach, wanted to see intensity among his troops to try to calm the monumental anger of the fans for an infumable campaign. He is a coach who spreads character and who is going to lead a new reconstruction project that most of these players will not be part of. Many of whom, when they return to their loan teams, are going to be raw because of how badly they have done.

The first half hardly offered the occasional long shot, a nice header from Chris Ramos (a player to be taken into account), a save from Dani Barrio (he left at the last minute because Dani Martín suffered heat stroke) and little else.

The second half showed the usual Málaga, a disunited team with players who have not lived up to the teameither and whom the fans do not want to see even in painting. Lugo was the only one who tried to go deeper and propose football. At 71 came the emotional moment. The local fans broke into applause to bid farewell to Seoane, Pita and Iriome. His classmates improvised a hall of honor. Tears on the surface and even Peybernes, who did not play, left the bench to hug the great Pita. The referee was sympathetic with the deserved recognition.

And, of course, Malaga joined the tribute to his style. After a disallowed goal against Chavarría for his classic offside, Lugo prepared an extraordinary counterattack that piqued half the visiting harvest team. Cuéllar leaves for speed and passes Clavería who assists I know that, all alone, it marks the spotr. More hugs for those who said goodbye to a Málaga that finished his career with a ridiculous 45 points. The cheapest salvation in history. Either he gets his act together, or next time he goes to the RFEF.


Pol Garcia (32′, Alende), Paulino De la Fuente (45′, Kevin Villodres), chavarria (61′, Brandon), daniel lorenzo (61′, Loren Zuniga), Robert Fernandez (70′, Sekou Gas-sama), James Cuellar (71′, Iriome), Josep Sene (71′, Seoane), Juanpe (72′, Pita), leandro antonetti (82′, Chris Ramos)


1-0, 77′: Josep Sene


Referee: Oliver De la Fuente Ramos
VAR Referee: Daniel Ocón Arraiz
brandon (33′, Yellow) Seoane (38′, Yellow) Iriome (48′, Yellow) Josep Sene (80′, Yellow) Claveria (94′, Yellow